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ITCSS — Modern CSS: Writing Better, Cleaner, More Scalable Code
Join award-winning front-end architect and speaker Harry Roberts for a groundbreaking class that will transform your approach to CSS. Harry walks through his personal method for embracing its features, avoiding overrides and workarounds, and creating code that scales as you grow. You'll learn how to:
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yesterday by spaceninja
Get Started with iOS App Development | Salesforce Trailhead
Free online course in iOS app development using Swift, brought to you by Salesforce.
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Re-approaching Color – Lyft Design
For lightness and darkness, there wasn’t a great naming system already in place. We chose to go with a simple scale from 0 to 100, With 0 being the lightest possible color and 100 being the darkest possible color. The only caveat is we needed to be intentional in how we mapped out colors from 0 to 100. If we needed to retroactively add a shade, for example, that could cause us to redo all the numbers and require us to reteach everyone in the organization. So we needed to be correct in how we assigned colors to the scale. We’ll get back to how we did this later on.

By equipping people with those two simple things, hue and brightness names, we had our language. So now if you hear red 60, you’ll know it’s a medium red, and if you see a really light shade of blue, you can guess it’s blue 10. The language is quick to learn and reasonably precise.
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2 days ago by fallond
筋肉は裏切らない! NHK『みんなで筋肉体操』の筋トレ指導者・谷本道哉に直撃インタビュー | Kindai Picks
―― 先生は、どこで、どんなペースで、どのような内容でトレーニングされてるんですか?


―― 20分?! たったそれだけですか!


3 days ago by room661

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