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Applied machine learning at Facebook: a datacenter infrastructure perspective
Lots of cool details into how they've productized and scaled up their prod ML infrastructure.
As we looked at last month with Continuum, the latency of incorporating the latest data into the models is also really important. There’s a nice section of this paper where the authors study the impact of losing the ability to train models for a period of time and have to serve requests from stale models. The Community Integrity team for example rely on frequently trained models to keep up with the ever changing ways adversaries try to bypass Facebook’s protections and show objectionable content to users. Here training iterations take on the order of days. Even more dependent on the incorporation of recent data into models is the news feed ranking. “Stale News Feed models have a measurable impact on quality.” And if we look at the very core of the business, the Ads Ranking models, “we learned that the impact of leveraging a stale ML model is measured in hours. In other words, using a one-day-old model is measurably worse than using a one-hour old model.” One of the conclusions in this section of the paper is that disaster recovery / high availability for training workloads is key importance.
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20 hours ago by jm
Accessibility Pro Certified: To Be or Not To Be
Becoming a great accessibility professional is not something that occurs overnight. This field is broad and deep with many opportunities to make the world a better place. Expertise in digital accessibility is needed in many roles including UI/UX designers, software developers, testers, trainers, project managers and strategic planners. How do you know if you are already an accessibility pro or are on the right path to become one?
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20 hours ago by spaceninja
Opinion | How to Be More Resilient - The New York Times
Some people are just genetically tougher. But you can train your brain to better handle stress.
resilience  training  exercise  mindfulness  social  support 
2 days ago by mifepba
This is What Katie Ledecky’s Main Sets Look Like
You don’t become the fastest distance freestyler in history without having done some impressive stuff in training. Here are a handful of Katie Ledecky’s main sets. Try at your own risk.
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2 days ago by mkatase

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