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You Keep Using This Phrase, “Adult Human Females”
The phrase “trans women are women” is not really a claim about how someone “identifies” at all; it is a claim about how trans women are treated, how we came to be, what it is like to be in our bodies. These are realities grounded in the facts of social being, not phantasmatic identification.
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yesterday by UnchartedWorlds
Framing reproductive justice in the context of institutionalized transphobia globally > SRHM
In countries where forced sterilization is a requirement to gain access to legal gender recognition, we are made to choose between incorrect identity documents that place our safety at risk, or coerced infertility.
cis  privilege  trans  parenting  justice 
5 days ago by UnchartedWorlds
(778) Sex education: The clash of LGBT and religious rights – BBC Newsnight - YouTube
makes children promiscuous
'we are not homophobic, we are just concerned parents'
'insidious way to brainwash children' ... turning them gay.
"social engineering program to corrupt our children"
That's like 1970 80s all over again.
Even Christian families are piling on.

SkyNews - Special report: Culture clash causes conflict in the classroom
UK  LGBT  Muslim  Religion  Islamophobia  Homophobia  homophobic  transphobia  Transphobic  sex  education  Birmingham  trans  policy 
9 days ago by asterisk2a

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