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How To Fix Polarization: Get Politicians Out of Cars - POLITICO
A movement to ask local politicians to commit to taking public transit to/from work one day a week.
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One Year After Major Audit, NJ Transit’s To-Do List Remains Long | NJ Spotlight
While not endorsing a specific remedy, the auditors held up as examples some of the ways that other states and metropolitan areas finance their mass-transit systems. They cited dedicated sources of revenue like sales taxes and fees levied on increasingly popular ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft as examples of funding that go directly toward other mass-transit systems.

By contrast, NJ Transit relies heavily on funding from the state’s annual budget, including a direct operating subsidy. Murphy has more than tripled the subsidy during his tenure.

“This funding has allowed the agency to begin a rebuilding process and start to restore safety and reliability for commuters after years of mismanagement and neglect,” Saidel said.

But funding from the state budget isn’t fixed or dedicated. Instead, it is subject to annual budget negotiations with lawmakers. In fact, earlier this year Weinberg fought to boost the state subsidy to produce a larger net increase for the agency, which added an additional $50 million to the subsidy at the last minute.

Yet the annual budget process can also threaten NJ Transit funding in lean years, such as during the Great Recession when Christie was in office and was forced to make across-the-board reductions as the state faced its own significant revenue losses. (Christie also faced criticism for offsetting the cuts with diversions from other sources, including using capital dollars and revenue from the state’s clean-energy programs.)
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Calling all tweeps! Let us know your thoughts and questions about and the future of transit in t…
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