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Exclusive world news without limits of language or geography, delivering the best international journalism in English for the first time.
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17 hours ago by pgorrindo
BBC - Culture - The greatest mistranslations ever
After Google Translate’s latest update, BBC Culture finds history’s biggest language mistakes – including one that raised tensions in the Cold War.
language  translation  google.translate  funny  blunders  bungles 
3 days ago by po
Zoolingua – Let's talk
"Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually understand a ‘Woof’ and be able to ‘Woof’ back? Contemporary advances in research and technology make it possible to translate the languages of dogs (and other animals) to English and something we humans can understand. And, the application of that understanding is devices that can communicate in both directions."
animals  dog  Technology  Translation 
4 days ago by magnusc
Translates whole websites
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11 days ago by brianr

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