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Travel America with Cheap Amtrak Train Tickets & Prices as Low as $213 - Thrillist
Trains are a pretty great way to travel. Think about it: You can sleep, eat and lounge pretty comfortably in them, and even pretend to be living in the Gilded Age while sitting in your personal cabin and twirling your mustache, or sipping some tea.  
But trains can also be impeccably cheap, and according to travel blogger Derek Low, you can take a scenic trip from coast-to-coast on Amtrak for as little as $213. Low conveys the beautiful trip from San Francisco to New York in great detail, describing everything from the food (pretty bland, to surprisingly good), to the multiple environments and landmarks he encountered.
In short, you can see most of the continental US -- that’s 3,397 miles across 11 states -- without breaking the bank. Here’s the kicker: The trip from SF to Chicago can cost as little as $130 if you buy California Zephyr tickets. If you want to see more of the country, you can transfer to the Lake Shore Limited train for an additional $83, making your grand total an especially frugal $213. 
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Airbus warns of ‘catastrophic’ no-deal Brexit – POLITICO
“Some difficult decisions will have to be made if there’s no deal ... We will have to look at future investments," she added. via Pocket
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Alabama Airport Opens Its First Sensory Room for Passengers with Autism, Anxiety Disorders
This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. via Pocket
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Disneyland's first-ever cantina will have one strict drinking rule | Fox News
In a historic first, Disneyland will be selling alcohol as of this summer, though reps for the Happiest Place on Earth have announced that there will be one strict rule for merrymakers — any consumption of alcohol will be limited to a Star Wars-them…
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Harry Potter World’s new Hagrid-themed ride arrives in June - Polygon
Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure (try saying that five times fast) will be the newest attraction in Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal offered few details on the new attraction in an announcement Thursday. v…
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9 hours ago by evansthompson
Here's Definitive Proof That the Ultra-Luxe Japanese Sleeper Train Is Basically Heaven
Trains can be a wonderful way to travel in comfort and style. The Train Suite Shiki-shima luxury train in Japan is probably as close as you’d come to experiencing train heaven. We’ve seen the pictures and now there’s video to take your breath away.
The train first blew our minds in 2017, but a new video uploaded to Train Video Collection on YouTube gives us an even more intimate look inside it. The whole thing is set to beautiful background music that sounds like it was lifted straight from a Miyazaki film. It’s perfect.
The train is extremely distinctive-looking because of its irregularly shaped window design. From the inside, it looks more like a modern art museum than any train that I’ve seen before.
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9 hours ago by rgl7194

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