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Among the Trees: A virtual tour | Southbank Centre
Ralph Rugoff leads a virtual tour of Among the Trees, a group exhibition that looks at how artists over the past 50 years have explored our relationship with trees and forests.

Join the Hayward Gallery Director as he takes a look at two pieces in particular – Eva Jospin’s Forêt Palatine (2019–20), and Tree of 12 Metres (1980-82), by Giuseppe Penone – and considers the ways in which human culture and ‘tree culture’ are deeply entwined.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
Formafantasma: Cambio | Serpentine Exhibition - YouTube
Formafantasma (Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin) are designers who dissect the ecological and political responsibilities of their discipline. Their holistic approach reaches back into the history of a particular material used by humans, out towards the patterns of supply chains that have developed to support and expand its use, and forward to the future of that material’s survival in relation to human consumption.

Cambio, from the medieval Latin cambium, ‘change, exchange’, is an ongoing investigation conducted by Formafantasma into the governance of the timber industry. The evolution of this form of commerce over time, and its tentacular expansion across the globe, has made it difficult to regulate. It grew out of the bioprospecting that took place throughout colonial territories during the nineteenth century, becoming one of the largest industries in the world both in terms of the revenue it generates and the impact it has on the planet’s biosphere.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
Project MUSE - Forms of Equivalence: Bertillonnage and the History of Information Management
In this paper, we investigate Bertillonnage as a system that exemplified the most sophisticated approaches to organizing and retrieving data at the turn of the twentieth century. In addition, we demonstrate that the techniques it implemented—which turned on a purely functional equivalence between the operations of information systems and operations of the human mind—made thinkable a number of subsequent practices well-known to the history of information management. We argue that the physical infrastructure of Bertillonnage served as a set of grubby material practices that exercised a form of technological inertia over later information architectures....

In modern information science terminology, what Bertillon had constructed was a search tree that was 8 levels deep, containing 9,840 bins... In fact, for a similar information system Bertillon created in 1910, he produced a visualization of a branching search that used the exact visual metaphor of a tree to demonstrate the way in which a searcher would wend his or her way to the final bin containing—or conclusively not containing—the sought-for data"...

the intimacy between Bertillonnage and its material supports was so pronounced that the purveyors of the filing cabinets arrogated to themselves the role of instruction in the system, and even reserved for themselves the right to modify it—an action Bertillon would have abhorred. Yawman and Erbe, or “Y and E,” represented one of the Library Bureau’s main competitors in the manufacture of filing cabinets.... Y and E has a rightful claim to authorship of the system it proffered on a second, equally fundamental level. That is, it modified the number of actual measurements that the system required, reducing their number to six, partly on the grounds that doing so was felicitous to the needs of cabinet construction, “A Bertillon cabinet cannot be made with less than nine drawers, as illustrated above, and these drawers must be arranged three wide by three high.
information  filing  textual_form  archives  physiology  trees  organization  policing  furniture  intellectual_furnishings  cabinets 
2 days ago by shannon_mattern
Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Lists | Xerces Society
We've prepared the following lists of recommended native plants that are highly attractive to pollinators such as native bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds, and are well-suited for small-scale plantings in gardens, on business and school campuses, in urban greenspaces, and in farm field borders.
trees  gardening  localplants 
7 days ago by jccalhoun
Encoded Forest - Liat Berdugo
The Encoded Forest is an experiment in preserving information — in this case, a wifi password — long term and through organic, living materials rather than bits and bytes.

We — the World Wide West team —wrote a simple Processing app that translated any wifi password into Unicode standard and then into ‘tree binary’, with trees for 1’s and blank spaces for 0’s. Over the course of 4 days, WWW summit participants together planted 128 redwood trees in a large grid while performing various land-clearing rituals.

The forest is expected to live for thousands of years, but will require care as it is prone to corruption from deer, gopher and volunteer trees. Future wifi-seekers at will be instructed to walk along the forest to decode the password among the trees.
security  forests  trees  preservation 
8 days ago by shannon_mattern
bradford pear alternatives
Red buckeye
blackhaw viburnum
flowering dogwood
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8 days ago by markhaskamp
Project partner have a great online game on how saplings grow to trees. deliver…
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