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2018 Swimming Pool Trends
A nice soak in your pool on a hot summer day can be just what you need. You don't want your pool to become old and outdated, which is why it is important to follow pool trends.
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5 hours ago by Adventure_Web
BuzzFeed launches a new website for its real journalism | TechCrunch
Still, Senior Product Manager Kate Zasada said the company’s own research has found that some readers “don’t completely understand” that while BuzzFeed is famous for GIF-filled lists, it also produces “deeply researched and fact-checked” journalism. (The snarky comments I get whenever I write about BuzzFeed seem to back this up.)

So the company is making that distinction clearer with the launch of a new BuzzFeed News website.

News stories will still run on the main BuzzFeed homepage, and the BuzzFeed News site will include links to other BuzzFeed content. But it looks and feels more like a standalone site, giving the team what Zasada said is “a new domain and a new brand.”
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9 hours ago by dancall
Live TV no longer the first viewing choice for consumers | Media Analysis | Business
Only 39% of viewers now say live, linear TV from a traditional pay-TV service is what they turn on first. That represents a fall of 8 points over the last twelve months. Consumers are now more likely to turn first to an on-demand, time-shifted source of TV, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, a DVR, or pay-TV video-on-demand (48% combined).

The popularity of live TV is falling even in core demographics with the amount of older viewers who consider live TV their default dropping significantly. Even though the majority (56%) of viewers 55 and over still default to watching live, a year ago, this figure was two-thirds of such viewers. Among those 18-34, only about a quarter (26%) say that live TV is their default. A year ago, it was just more than a third (35%).
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10 hours ago by dancall
IAB Study Shows Consumer Economy Growth Shifting to 'Direct Brands'
Become direct: “For incumbent indirect brands, you must become a direct brand. For upstart direct brands, you must break through the revenue and share barriers that are keeping you small. For every other company that serves them, you must help them become direct, and grow their business in that environment.”
A two-way relationship is more valuable than a one-way impression: “It’s not that mass advertising won’t matter. It’s that it will become less valuable as more and more consumer-facing brands cross the chasm and concentrate their activity on creating, reinforcing, and extracting value from their direct consumer relationships,” says IAB, citing Zenith Optimedia data that projects skyrocketing growth for digital versus other media forms—because it provides data-enriched value.
Brand safety is not optional: “The reason has little to do with the soft concept of ‘reputation.’ It’s because if you don’t have your consumers’ trust, you won’t get their data. And without their data, you don’t have a company.”
Find your next 5,000 customers: Media spending expert Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research is quoted, painting a stark picture: 200 marketers account for around 90 percent of network TV spend, around 60 percent of all television, and around one-third of all paid media—and they are not growing. As a result, IAB says that publishers must look to emerging direct brands for a new stream of advertising dollars.
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10 hours ago by dancall
Direct to Consumer Entertainment (Series) – Chris Thilk
This past February, the Interactive Advertising Bureau published a report analyzing the impact the direct-to-consumer economy could have on the media industry. The report, titled “The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy,” details how D2C brands such as Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and others taken a big chunk of business away from physical retailers, using data-driven digital marketing to earn consumer business and loyalty.
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10 hours ago by dancall
Nike melds mobile, physical retail with new LA concept store | Mobile Marketer
Nike opened a concept store on Los Angeles's famed Melrose Avenue that relies on mobile technology and customer data to create a customized in-store experience for NikePlus loyalty members, according to Mobile Marketer's sister publication Retail Dive.
Nike App at Retail, which made its debut in March, is central to the new 4,557-square-foot​ concept shop. Through the app, loyalty members can reserve products for pickup at smart lockers, shop for products, scan bar codes to learn more about specific items and earn rewards. Members shopping at the new Nike by Melrose store can also redeem special "unlocks" at a digital vending machine, which dispenses an array of exclusive products.
Shoppers at the new store can text store associates to set up returns or product exchanges with curbside pickup. Nike plans to open a smaller Nike Live store in Tokyo next spring and to localize other stores with similar personalized features.
sportswear  retail  future  trends  mobile 
10 hours ago by dancall
Facebook payments patent reveals e-commerce ambitions | Retail Dive
Facebook has filed a patent application for a messaging service using artificial intelligence that will allow users to place orders to merchants and complete payments within its Messenger chat app, according to CB Insights.
For example, to search and pay for products, consumers would visit a merchant's page on Facebook where they would engage a messaging bot, and place their order within the chat, all without leaving Facebook.
This patent would add to the social network's efforts to support payments in Messenger, something that is currently in closed developer beta, CB Insights reported. Facebook is seeking to streamline consumers' use of the digital processes on the pages of sellers, Digital Transactions noted.
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10 hours ago by dancall
Shudder's Horror-Specific Streaming Strategy |
For consumers who are fans of specific genres, extensive selections in some streaming platforms can feel superfluous. In recent years, several genre-specific streaming services, like horror movie service Shudder, have emerged to help fans narrow their content search. PYMNTS recently caught up with Craig Engler, Shudder’s general manager, about the challenges and advantages of offering a genre-specific streaming service, and why he sees a bright future for darker, scarier content.
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10 hours ago by dancall
Facebook Files Patent for Messenger Chatbot |
As Facebook continues its forays into commerce, the company has filed a patent for a messaging bot that enables users to pay for items. The patent, which is called “Processing Payment Transactions Using Artificial Intelligence Messaging Services,” details a bot that can understand and reply to the requests of users, CB Insights reported.

An illustration for the patent details a chat between a consumer and a coffee shop bot. After the bot tells the user the price of a beverage, the user is able to confirm that they want to purchase the item. If the user agrees, the bot is able to ask for a payment method and place the order. It can also create an order number and offer a time for the consumer to pick up the item. In order to accomplish all of these tasks, the bot reportedly uses natural language processing (NLP).
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10 hours ago by dancall
Future of Investing 2018 Archives - Raconteur
Attitudes and approaches to investing are changing, along with new opportunities, not to mention risks. The Future of Investing report, published in The Times, covers possible pitfalls when investing in cryptocurrencies, the uses of artificial intelligence on the trading floor and beyond, and how wealth management must adapt to millennial investors. Also featured are articles on how investment can be a force for good with economic, social and governance values, and how impact investing can help developing economies
finance  trends  future 
10 hours ago by dancall
Taobao leads the charge in a new ecommerce trend: livestreamed shopping
She’s not your ordinary jewelry dealer. Going by the online moniker “Xiaotian,” she commands a big fan base, jokes with her customers, and models for her own business.
“Hi bao bao,” she greets her potential buyers during a livestream session one afternoon in Hong Kong, using a common, endearing nickname for online shoppers. “This is a new design that came out this week. You want me to try it on? Alright!”
Comments piled on. Some complimented the good looks of the designer who stood beside her. Others wanted to see the necklace up close. Still, others asked about the price.
future  trends  livevideo  ecommerce  retail  apac 
10 hours ago by dancall
Capital gains: the out-of-town breweries opening in London - Courier
People are going out less and business rates are rising, while an average of 18 drinking venues have closed each week in 2017. Despite this, several regional craft breweries are coming to London to open their own bars.
In autumn, Manchester’s Cloudwater will join Falmouth’s Verdant, and Moor brewery from Bristol in calling London a second home. The venues, known as taprooms, are stripped back bars, often set up in abandoned shops and railway arches, which serve a single brewery’s wares. 
Despite the challenges facing bars and pubs, the taproom has become a popular alternative for independent breweries to sell direct to the consumer rather than through distributors.
alcohol  trends 
11 hours ago by dancall
Nanjing-based e-commerce and content platform which is an instrumental player in Chinese trend culture ecosystem. Subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Venture capital investment by CDH Investment, Singapore Temasek Cheung Fung Fund, Softbank Safran Fund, Dachen Venture Capital.
ompany's main projects:
1. Print magazine and electronic platform "YOHO! Trends" and "YOHO! GIRL"
2. App "Yoho!Now"for iOS and Android platform.
3. "Yoho!Buy" ( online shop targeted at young people with roughly 1400 brands covering men's and women's clothing, shoes and hats, accessories, children's wear and creative lifestyle items. The brands sold by Yoho!Buy are directly signed with the brand to maintain the sales agreement with the international and domestic physical stores.
4. Curated Location-recommendation platform / app "Mars" ( City guides for Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and other.

Similar to Hong Kong's MILK magazine.

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yesterday by eocas
Alibaba Invests $1.43B in Digital Marketer Focus Media |
Alibaba Group will acquire a minority interest in China’s Focus Media Information Technology Co. Ltd., as it looks explore new models of digital marketing, the Chinese e-commerce giant said in a filing to the New York Stock Exchange.

Alibaba will pay $1.43 billion for a 6.62% share of Shanghai-based Focus Media, whose digital advertising screens can be seen on streets, in subways and in elevators across 300 Chinese cities, reaching 200 million middle-class consumers. In addition to those pre-existing shares, Alibaba said it plans to acquire another 5% interest in Focus Media within the next 12 months.

The company also will purchase a 10% stake in an entity controlled by Focus Media founder and Chairman Jason Nanchun Jiang, which controls 23.34% of Focus Media, for $504.7 million. New Retail Strategic Opportunities Fund L.P., a non-consolidated, related party of Alibaba, will acquire a 1.37% interest in Focus Media as well. The total investment, not including the expected additional 5% purchase, will be $2.23 billion, giving Alibaba a 10.32% stake.
outdoor  trends  deals  alibaba  apac 
yesterday by dancall
How to tame the tech titans - Competition in the digital age
The platforms have become so dominant because they benefit from “network effects”. Size begets size: the more sellers Amazon, say, can attract, the more buyers will shop there, which attracts more sellers, and so on. By some estimates, Amazon captures over 40% of online shopping in America. With more than 2bn monthly users, Facebook holds sway over the media industry. Firms cannot do without Google, which in some countries processes more than 90% of web searches. Facebook and Google control two-thirds of America’s online ad revenues.

America’s trustbusters have given tech giants the benefit of the doubt. They look for consumer harm, which is hard to establish when prices are falling and services are “free”. The firms themselves stress that a giant-killing startup is just a click away and that they could be toppled by a new technology, such as the blockchain. Before Google and Facebook, Alta Vista and MySpace were the bee’s knees. Who remembers them?

Such data-sharing requirements could be calibrated to firms’ size: the bigger platforms are, the more they have to share. These mechanisms would turn data from something titans hoard, to suppress competition, into something users share, to foster innovation.
blockchain  privacy  tech  trends  fusechange 
2 days ago by corrales
From Tongues of Lilting Grace — Beavertown, the Extravaganza, and What it Means for the UK Beer Industry — Good Beer Hunting
At this early stage it’s difficult to make judgement on the path that Beavertown’s big investment will eventually lead it down, but the brewery’s involvement with Heineken will forever mark its destiny. What’s more challenging to divine is how the actions of the breweries who are publically choosing to support or condemn this action—either by using their Extravaganza attendance as leverage or otherwise—will also mark them in the years to come. As successful breweries within the UK market continue to seek expansion, so too will they have to cleverly manage their investment strategy if they wish to avoid being tarred with the same brush as Beavertown. If they too eventually receive investment from either private equity or another brewery, how should we then think of them?
alcohol  trends 
3 days ago by dancall

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