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Stack Overflow Trends
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3 days ago by ddeimeke
Where Cloud Computing Jobs Will Be In 2019
"The Hiring Scale is 78 for jobs that require cloud computing skill sets, with the average job post staying open 46 days. The higher the Hiring Scale score, the more difficult it is for employers to find the right applicants for open positions. Nationally an average job posting for an IT professional with cloud computing expertise is open 46 days. Please click on the graphic to expand for easier reading."
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3 days ago by jonerp
Clothing has replaced music as a cultural signifyer
The physical component is absolutely critical, but it has to be rethought, and it has to be experiential, and it has to provide something differentiated from the online experience, and very few companies are doing that well. Anine [Bing] is, and it’s related to the freshness of the offering: the fact that you go into the store and you see things that were not online, and you go online, and you see things that were not in the store. It’s a new way of thinking about the supply chain, which I think they’re very thoughtful about. In the case of Glossier, it’s much more about the experience of the store. I would be very surprised if Emily [Weiss] ever had 10 stores, but every store is an experience, and every store is a way of the brand being manifested through the experience, and she does that through pop-ups, as well.
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3 days ago by dancall
India Instagram Users May Get a 'Buy' Button |
Instagram users in India might be able to shop inside the app next year, according to a report from Mint.
Users would be able to tap a “buy” button next to a picture of something they like, which would redirect them to the product’s page on the internet, allowing them to complete the purchase.
Instagram has plans to evolve the process to where the transaction will happen on the app itself, and not on an outside web page.
“By the mid of next year, the platform will have a ‘buy’ button, which will redirect users to the product page based on a cost per sale model,” someone familiar with the development told Mint. “Once payments and other aspects are figured out, Instagram will start selling directly.”
The move should increase sales for brands and eCommerce platforms, experts say, but it could also become a threat for online retailers, and especially fashion sites.
instagram  ecommerce  india  future  trends 
3 days ago by dancall

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