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Chinese Security Allegedly Wrestled With Secret Service, John Kelly Over Trump's Nuclear Football
Crucially, no one from the Chinese side of the alleged scuffle made physical contact with the football.
china  trump  nuclear  war  politics 
6 hours ago by bwiese
Can the Trump Administration Rig the Census?
How the Trump administration’s scheme to rig the census threatens American democracy
trump  government 
6 hours ago by flyingcloud
A Weekend for Ignoring Signs of Doom - The Atlantic
There is no “bloody nose” policy. Senator [Jeanne] Shaheen and I drilled down with the administration on that and nobody knows where that came from. It appeared in the national media, [and] the administration says they’ve never used the term. ... There is no such thing. And if you think about it, it absolutely makes sense.

If this thing starts, it’s going to [probably be] one of the worst, catastrophic events in the history of our civilization, but it is going to be very, very brief. The end of it is [will] see mass casualties, the likes of which the planet has never seen—it will be of biblical proportions. … This president has at his fingertips the ability to dispense what he has said he is going to dispense, if the North Korean regime, if Kim Jong Un, continues down the path that he is [on] … the president can do this quickly and, as I said, it is at his fingertips.
korea  politics  trump 
9 hours ago by auerbach
Official Results of the 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey
About the Survey
The 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey was conducted online via Qualtrics from December 22, 2017 to January 16, 2018. Respondents were current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, which is the foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics. 320 respondents were invited to participate, and 170 usable responses were received, yielding a 53.1% response rate.1
gov2.0  obama  POTUS  ranking  trump  PDF 
19 hours ago by rgl7194

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