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Saul Montes-Bradley on Twitter: "(1) A little thread before I decide if I am going to write anything else today or not, for at least 24 hours. Call it an effort to keep my…"
(2) Every time I look into the @GenFlynn investigation, and just when I thought I had seen the bottom of the Obama administration’s corruption, something new comes up.
trump  flynn  corruption 
7 hours ago by astrogirl
The complexity of national leaders’ thinking: U.S. Presidents
It seems more plausible that President Trump was demonstrating his best thinking about the issues raised in his interviews. If so, his best would be far below the complexity level of most issues faced in his role. Indeed, individuals performing in the advanced linear thinking zone would not even be aware of the complexity inherent in many of the issues faced daily by national leaders.
trump  language  medium  henning  president 
8 hours ago by zyron
Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring - Kurt Schlichter
And Donald J. Trump is the avatar of our not caring. Remember, he knows these elitist goofs better than we ever will, and no one has less respect for them. He was in there among them for decades as they sucked up to him and his dough. He dealt with, exploited, and now endlessly owns, the pompous, arrogant, and impotent press.

He knows exactly who these would be arbiters of morality and decency are. And The Donald is not impressed.
trump  liberals 
10 hours ago by astrogirl
The Second Coming, brought to you by — who else? Donald Trump
Anyone happen to know where I can get hold of 13 young bullocks, two rams and 14 yearling lambs without blemish?I’m asking in order to prepare for the construction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, as prophesied in the Bible, a precondition for the end times and the Rapture and the Second Coming, all set in motion by a proclamation from Donald Trump..Well, here there is a polite divergence between the Jewish Third Temple movement and its allies among evangelical Christians. To Jews, rebuilding the temple is a sacred commandment and an end in itself, allowing the resumption of biblical forms of worship that have been on hold for nearly 2,000 years..But if evangelical Christians are correct, history will take a very different course, The Antichrist will arise to desecrate the rebuilt temple, which will cause the Jews to finally realize that Jesus was the real Messiah, triggering a mass conversion. That’s probably not quite what Rabbi Glick has in mind to happen, but for now they are working together to get the process underway.And it was all set in motion by Donald Trump. In the current climate in Washington, with talk of impeachment swirling, it is fashionable among progressives to say that the stakes have never been higher. They have no idea how high. As Bass put it in a tweet: “Regular Christians — Orthodox, Catholic, mainline — can raise a fit about how [Trump’s] action will undermine world peace. But that doesn’t matter. Because peace in this world doesn’t matter.”
Trump  Jewish  Israel-Palestine  evangelism  Christianity 
10 hours ago by thomas.kochi
The Year of the Headless Liberal Chicken
This totally preemptively self-defensive, non-violent type of violent behavior, naturally, shocked and horrified liberals, who are strongly opposed to all forms of violence that aren’t carried out by the US military, or the police, or someone else wearing a uniform. Unsure as to whom they were supposed to condemn, the Nazis or the Antifa terrorists, they turned for guidance to the corporate ruling classes, who informed them it was time to censor the Internet.
2016elections  liberals  democrats  trump 
10 hours ago by astrogirl

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