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Poll: Midwest Abandons Trump, Fueling Democratic Advantage For Control Of Congress
An NPR/Marist poll finds that as the president has waged a trade war, Midwestern voters have moved in big numbers toward Democrats less than two months before November’s elections.
popularUnrest  trumpIncompetence 
6 days ago by joeybaker
Trump admin took millions from FEMA for ICE detentions
Senator Jeff Merkley talks with Rachel Maddow about a document showing that the Trump administration took nearly ten million dollars from FEMA’s budget ahead of the 2018 hurricane season and gave it to ICE to pay for detentions.
trumpIncompetence  governmentMalfeasance  immigration 
6 days ago by joeybaker
Mulvaney: Trump regularly asks why Roy Moore lost
President Trump remains dissatisfied with the performance of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) in the state’s special election last year and regularly questions why Moore lost, according to a top aide.
trumpIncompetence  trumpAristocracy 
10 days ago by joeybaker
US President Trump tops terrorism as Germans' greatest fear, survey says
The greatest source of German angst are the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump, according to an insurance company’s survey of the deepest fears...
globalUnrest  trumpIncompetence 
11 days ago by joeybaker
Trump is losing the trade war with China: the US trade deficit increased 9.6% from the previous month
The US trade deficit widened in July and the deficits with China and the European Union both hit record highs. The increases came despite President Donald Trump’s tariffs on those countries and trade war fight.
globalGameOfThrones  trumpIncompetence 
12 days ago by joeybaker
Trump to name climate change skeptic as adviser on emerging technologies
William Happer, a Princeton atomic physicist and prominent skeptic questioning whether humans are causing rapid climate change, is joining the National Security Council as senior director for emerging technologies, according to NSC officials.
trumpAristocracy  trumpIncompetence 
13 days ago by joeybaker
Well, I Guess the President Is Openly Pro-Corruption Now
Trump reached a new low when he denounced the indictments of two GOP congressmen accused of financial crimes.
corruption  trumpAristocracy  trumpIncompetence  trumpCorruption  trumpPropaganda 
13 days ago by joeybaker
'Absolutely Repulsive': After $1.5 Trillion Tax Giveaway to the Rich, Trump Cancels Modest Pay Raise for Federal Workers
“President Trump pushed through a tax scam that gave unprecedented handouts to billionaires and corporations—but believes it’s too expensive to pay hardworking federal workers a reasonable wage.”
trumpAuthoritarianism  trumpIncompetence  kleptocracy 
15 days ago by joeybaker

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