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Donald Trump adds $1 trillion to national debt in 14 months
President Trump has now amassed his first $1 trillion in debt, crossing that ignominious mark late last week — and analysts said it’s just a taste of what’s to come after the tax-cuts and spending spree of recent months.
governmentMalfeasance  trumpCorruption  trumpIncompetence 
3 days ago by joeybaker
'Hollowed out' White House: Trump is on a dangerous path toward no advisers
There’s never been such a rapid turnover of administration personnel in modern times, and the stampede appears to be accelerating
trumpIncompetence  trumpAristocracy 
8 days ago by joeybaker
Democrats Demand Rex Tillerson Explain Why He's Not Spending Money To Stop Russian Meddling
$120 million was given to State to counter election meddling. Not a dime has been spent. Now, lawmakers want answers.
digitalDemocracy  trumpIncompetence 
10 days ago by joeybaker

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