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Amazon’s Home Security Company Is Turning Everyone Into Cops - Motherboard
Ring sells a very particular message: while you shouldn’t trust your neighbors, you can trust Amazon to help police it. The Neighbors app is free. But the more unsafe the app makes you feel the most inclined you would feel to dole out money for a Ring home security system.
Amazon  CCTV  surveillance  Neighbors  policing  crime  suspicion  Ring  NextDoor  racism  theft  discrimination  trust  distrust  fear  bias 
2 days ago by petej
Blockchain and Trust - Schneier on Security
Bruce Schneier argues that blockchain doesn't eliminate trust, and in fact is not worthy of most people's trust.
blockchain  trust  analysis  dopost 
4 days ago by niksilver
Blockchain and Trust
Very interesting on trust. Software is the last thing you should trust.
trust  blockchain  software 
4 days ago by traggett
Blockchain and Trust - Schneier on Security
This article explains the pros and cons of bitcoin very well. It's by Bruce Schneier.
bitcoin  blockchain  security  trust  explainer  Schneier 
5 days ago by brentfarwick
Why I think Satya Nadella is the real deal when it comes to trust.
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear dozens of business leaders speak at the World Economic Forum held in Davos. The erosion of trust (and how to rebuild it) was a reoccurring theme.
Pocket  trust 
6 days ago by herewardshaw
Five Tools to Rebuild Trust in Media - Nieman Reports
"inspired me to use my Nieman fellowship at Harvard and MIT to explore tools for journalists to recover trust and survive as a relevant voice in this noisy and fragmented world."
trust  journalism  tools  resources  2018 
8 days ago by macloo
There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology | Bruce Schneier | WIRED
“Honestly, cryptocurrencies are useless. They're only used by speculators looking for quick riches, people who don't like government-backed currencies, and criminals who want a black-market way to exchange money.”
bruceschneier  blockchain  hype  trust 
8 days ago by mr
There's No Good Reason to Trust Blockchain Technology | WIRED
Opinion: Cryptocurrencies are useless. Blockchain solutions are frequently much worse than the systems they replace. Here's why.
blockchain  bruce-schneier  trust  security 
10 days ago by aagd

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