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must be able to see how their is used. If you want (5) , every use of patients' data must be…
Patients  data  trust  from twitter_favs
yesterday by mattedgar
Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes says content validation will be big
Is content validation the next growth industry?

In this era of disinformation, dissembling, and deepfakes, emerging technologies that restore our trust in online content could make for booming new businesses.
content  artificialintelligence  trust  FastCompany 
3 days ago by jorgebarba
Apple gives you a TRUST rating – and it's based on your phone call and email habits • The Sun
Sean Keach:
<p> Apple builds a score based on the number calls and emails you send and receive – to help spot fraudulent transactions made using your device.

"To help identify and prevent fraud, information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive, will be used to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase," Apple explained. "The submissions are designed so Apple cannot learn the real values on your device. The scores are stored for a fixed time on our servers."

So how does it actually work? Apple has a bunch of different anti-fraud systems in place to work out whether payments you make are legitimate.

One of these, added in the new iOS 12 update, is a numeric trust score that's associated with your device. This score is sent directly to Apple when you make a purchase.

The data used to create the score – including the number of phone calls you've made – is only ever stored on your device.

Importantly, when Apple sees the score, it doesn't see the contents of your communications. It's not reading your emails, for instance. These scores are also encrypted in transit, which means anyone who managed to intercept them would only see gibberish. Apple says it holds onto the scores for a limited period of time, although it's not clear how long that is.</p>

Clever. It all goes into a single number.
apple  iphone  trust  data 
4 days ago by charlesarthur
Trust Yourself: Emerson on Self-Reliance as the Essence of Genius and What It Means to Be a Nonconformist – Brain Pickings
“When you’re speaking in the truest, most intimate voice about your life, you are speaking with the universal voice.” And yet we spend our lives mistrusting that innermost voice and instead deferring our truths to the voice of the outside world, turning to others, in ways subtle and staggering, to tell us who we are and what is real.
trust  self  artist 
6 days ago by tanushree
sentiment on and play a huge part in the future of adoption via
trust  Consumer  Privacy  DgitalHealth  from twitter
7 days ago by jhill5
Decentralized Governance in Sovrin
Decentralized systems require governance to function well. Ideally this governance should be clear, open, and effective without impacting the decentralized nature of the system. This post describes the governance of the Sovrin network. Our approach is a constitutional model based on an agreement we call the Sovrin Trust Framework that informs and guides everything from code development to the responsibilities of the various actors in the system. The Sovrin Trust Framework enables decentralized governance of the Sovrin network.
Sovrin  identity  trust  blockchain  bitcoin  Security 
8 days ago by activescott
Google, Amazon, Facebook, And Apple Are Hiring To Defend Against 'Techlash'
Tech giants are hiring people to help solve problems and repair the companies' images in areas including user privacy, elections security, AI and ethics, and more.
privacy  hiring  trust  tech  companies  techlash  gafa 
10 days ago by fdedic
A lot of our problems with trust - in relationships, politics, and consensus protocols come from conceptualising it as a binary trust/no trust thing, or a simple spectrum. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  progressive  trust 
10 days ago by ChristopherA
Don’t trust people, trust their components | Kaj Sotala
I used to think that people were either trustworthy, semi-trustworthy, or unreliable. Basically, there was a single scale, and if you were high enough on that scale, you could be counted on when it came to anything important. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  component  progressive  trust 
10 days ago by ChristopherA Owning the Future: Short Stories eBook: Neal Asher: Kindle Store
"I have a varied collection of short stories in my files and, of course, the temptation is there to dump them on Kindle, take the money and run. However, though I think some of them are great, some aren’t, and some are profoundly dated. I am aware that there are those out there, who will just buy these without a second thought, so I have to edit, be selective, and I damned well have to show some respect for my readers. Kindle in this respect can be a danger for a known writer, because you can publish any old twaddle and someone will buy it. Time and again, I’ve had fans, upon hearing that I have this and that unpublished in my files, demanding that I publish it at once because surely they’ll love it. No they won’t. A reputation like trust: difficult to build and easy to destroy."
nealasher  publishing  kindle  editing  trust  reputation  shortstories 
11 days ago by danhon

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