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Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire
After Anne’s downfall, she was taken to the tower obviously distraught and was heard to exclaim, ‘Oh, my mother, my mother!’ (Weir, pg. 317). On learning of the other men accused with her and after being told that Norris had confessed his crime (a lie) she wept, ‘Oh, my mother, thou wilt die with sorrow’ (Weir, pg. 319).

I think we can confidently say that Elizabeth shared a close relationship with her daughter, Anne Boleyn. She was a regular at court and effectively acted as a chaperone to Anne and Henry during their courtship. The fact that Anne worried about her mother after her arrest suggests that they shared a special bond and that Anne was aware that her mother would be devastated by her imprisonment and imminent execution.
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4 weeks ago by timberwolfoz
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Caroline Pennock has compiled a thread on Native/Indigenous Americans in Tudor England here. I’m delighted to say I’m learning quite a lot from them! A few highlights:

The Iceberg and the Cathedral: Encounter, Entanglement, and Isuma in Inuit London

St Olave Hart Street, where an anonymous Inuit man, captured by privateer/explorer Martin Frobisher in 1576, was buried

Croatoan men, Manteo and Wanchese, who helped Thomas Harriot produce an Ossomocomuck orthography in the 1580s
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august 2019 by timberwolfoz
Compton Wynyates - Wikipedia
Compton Wynyates is a Tudor style country house in Warwickshire, England, a Grade I listed building. The Tudor period house, is constructed of red brick and built around a central courtyard. It is castellated and turreted in parts. Following action in the Civil War, half timbered gables were added to replace damaged parts of the building. Today, set in its topiary gardens and green lawns, its appearance of idealized English country life contrasts sharply with the story of the family who have lived there for over five hundred years, a story inextricably linked to the history of the house as both have prospered, declined and prospered simultaneously.
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may 2019 by timberwolfoz
The magnificent Balbusso’s Queens – Fubiz Media
Six Tudor Queens of Alice Weir
책 표지 디자인.
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november 2018 by yun
Treason never prospers (pic heavy)
Quite some years ago, the team I’m part of did a series of  demo games based on the Prayer Book Rebellion 1547-49 and taken from a WI article ‘Landsknecht’s in Devon’.  I did the terrain and the rest of the team produced all the figures.  It was great fun  (highly recommended and adaptable to quite a few periods - I could fancy it as a VBCW affair) and as part of the background research I became aware of the various revolts that erupted during the Tudor period:
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september 2018 by since1968
Sir Thomas Gresham 1519–2019
A special illustrated lecture will be presented by Dr John Guy to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the birth of the College’s founder and benefactor Sir Thomas Gresham.
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august 2018 by asaltydog
Today i delivered Craig his first luxury watch! A Tudor Pelagos! Great meeting you Craig! See you soon!

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