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Quick GIFs with PixelSquid - PixelSquid Blog
Welcome back to Tutorials with PixelSquid! Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to read the last tutorial put together by one of our talented graphic designers, Kate (if not, then go go go). One of the great things about PixelSquid is that it makes it possible for non-designers (like me) to get creative in Photoshop – PixelSquid’s Photoshop Extension tool makes artistic execution easy. I had a recent task to create a quick graphic for a PixelSquid sale that also demonstrated the capabilities of the objects and plugin. A simple solution was to create a GIF with the world ‘SALE.’
Photoshop  GIF  PixelSquid  animation  tutorial  blog 
7 minutes ago by gwippich
Why do we need Q#? | The Visual Studio Blog
You may be familiar with the Microsoft Quantum blog, which shares general news about our quantum computing program and about quantum computing in general. This blog is its developer- and community-focused partner. It will host technical posts, deep dives into the language and libraries, and tutorials. There will also be developer event announcements and recaps, new release information, and the like.
Microsoft  MicrosoftResearch  Q#Lang  QuantumComputing  blog  2018  Intro  Tutorial  links 
3 hours ago by dlb
Casting SPELs with Clojure - Home -
Anyone who has ever learned to program in Lisp will tell you it is very different from any other programming language. It is different in lots of surprising ways - This comic book will let you find out how Lisp's unique design makes it so powerful !

This tutorial was adapted for Clojure, an exciting new dialect of Lisp running on the Java Virtual Machine. Clojure's syntax and API resembles Common Lisp, but there are enough differences to write a dedicated version of this book.

Most of the time, we will say "Lisp" instead of "Clojure", since most of the concepts presented apply to Lisp in general - we will point out the places where Clojure handles things a little different.
book  tutorial  clojure  programming 
3 hours ago by dicewitch
Python Modules and Packages – An Introduction – Real Python
This article explores Python modules and Python packages, two mechanisms that facilitate modular programming.
python  tutorial  module  packaging  tipsntricks  learning  vitopython 
5 hours ago by wwwald
Editorial Layouts, Floats, and CSS Grid
Since floats aren’t compatible with CSS Grid, aligning floated elements to an established grid can be a real headache. This is a nontrivial impediment to traditional editorial layouts’ ability to take advantage of Grid’s benefits.
newslettered  335  tutorial  news 
12 hours ago by justinavery
What is First Input Delay?
Learn how to track your first input delay (and what that actually means) with Ire's article this week. It utilises Google's tracking library perfMetrics object.
newslettered  335  performance  tutorial 
12 hours ago by justinavery
Inclusive Design For Accessible Presentations
You could rename the title of this article to just "Great design for presentations" and be done with it. Everything that Allison talks about isn't A11y for accessibility sake, but it will make you stand out.
newslettered  335  tutorial  presentation 
14 hours ago by justinavery
Vanilla JS Academy ;;;
tags: online classes class tutorial tutorials for JavaScript JS Chris Ferdinandi MIT needsEditing ;;;
online  classes  class  tutorial  tutorials  for  JavaScript  JS  Chris  Ferdinandi  MIT  needsEditing 
15 hours ago by neerajsinghvns

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