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Sublime Text 3 patching
Sublime Text 3 patching . GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
sublime  macos  tutorial 
yesterday by deadman36g
Basics: Picking Resistors for LEDs | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
"So… you just want to light up an LED. What resistor should you use?
"Maybe you know the answer, or maybe everyone already assumes that you should know how to get to the answer.  And in any case, it’s a question that tends to generate more questions before you actually can get an answer: What kind of LED are you using? What power supply? Battery? Plug-in? Part of a larger circuit? Series? Parallel?"
electronics  tutorial  DIY  physicalComputing 
yesterday by JJLDickinson
LED Current Limiting Resistors - SparkFun Electronics
Use resistors with your breadboarded LEDs, the way the cool kids do.
"Limiting current into an LED is very important. An LED behaves very differently to a resistor in circuit. Resistors behave linearly according to Ohm's law: V = IR. For example, increase the voltage across a resistor, the current will increase proportionally, as long as the resistor's value stays the same. Simple enough. LEDs do not behave in this way. They behave as a diode with a characteristic I-V curve that is different than a resistor.
"For example, there is a specification for diodes called the characteristic (or recommended) forward voltage (usually between 1.5-4V for LEDs). You must reach the characteristic forward voltage to turn 'on' the diode or LED, but as you exceed the characteristic forward voltage, the LED's resistance quickly drops off. Therefore, the LED will begin to draw a bunch of current and in some cases, burn out. A resistor is used in series with the LED to keep the current at a specific level called the characteristic (or recommended) forward current."
electronics  DIY  physicalComputing  tutorial 
yesterday by JJLDickinson
Microsoft Power BI Guided Learning - Power BI | Microsoft Docs
Start your learning journey with this sequenced collection of courses, and understand the extensive and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Power BI.
PowerBI  tutorial 
yesterday by otlib

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