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React Express
You should use this guide as a companion to the official Facebook documentation for getting started. While the official docs are great, the React ecosystem includes many other important projects which are outside the scope of the React docs.
guide  javascript  react  tutorial 
11 hours ago by ChrisLTD
Depth of Field Explained
Depth of field can be an easy concept to understand, but practicing it isn’t always straightforward. Which aperture you choose, which lens you use, what camera you are shooting with and even how close something is to your lens all play a large part of controlling Depth of Field. Throughout this post, the guys from Aperture Photo Tours in Paris, London, and Venice will be exploring all the elements that make up Depth of Field and how to take control of your camera.
photography  tutorial 
13 hours ago by campylobacter
Ways to Compute Topics over Time, Part 1 · from data to scholarship
"This the first in a series of posts which constitute a “lit review” of sorts to document the range of methods scholars are using to compute the distribution of topics over time."
digital-humanities  topic-modeling  methods  tutorial  temporal 
14 hours ago by tsuomela
Demystifying Rails
Demystifying Rails online book
tutorial  rails  read 
14 hours ago by beery
Making the Switch from AngularJS to Angular in an Enterprise Dev Shop
Making the Switch from AngularJS to Angular in an Enterprise Dev Shop With the recent change to SEMVER version numbering and the many architectural changes from AngularJS, looking at the recent advancements in the Angular community could give anyone a sense of impostor-syndrome. Also, staying up to date with the community could be considered a job in and of itself. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  angularjs  guide  javascript  programming  tutorial 
14 hours ago by jeremyday
Introduction to Electronics and Arduino Programming |
For this project, we’ll be assembling the Vex Eye by Tanner and introducing basic Arduino and electronics concepts along the way.
3dprinting  3dmodel  vexeye  pinshape  tutorial 
15 hours ago by cyberchucktx

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