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7. Input and Output — Python 3.7.0 documentation
There are several ways to present the output of a program; data can be printed in a human-readable form, or written to a file for future use. This chapter will discuss some of the possibilities.
python  python3  I/O  io  files  tutorial 
1 hour ago by aeng
Designing a GraphQL API
This tutorial was created by Shopify for internal purposes. We've created a public version of it since we think it's useful to anyone creating a GraphQL API.

It's based on lessons learned from creating and evolving production schemas at Shopify over almost 3 years. The tutorial has evolved and will continue to change in the future so nothing is set in stone.

We believe these design guidelines work in most cases. They may not all work for you. Even within the company we still question them and have exceptions since most rules can't apply 100% of the time. So don't just blindly copy and implement all of them. Pick and choose which ones make sense for you and your use cases.
tutorial  graphql  api  design 
2 hours ago by jefframnani
INA219B Current Sensor Breakout @ Adafruit
The INA219B breakout board will solve all your power-monitoring problems. Instead of struggling with two multimeters, you can use this breakout to measure both the high side voltage and DC current draw over I2C with 1% precision.
adafruit  power  energy  monitoring  embedded  tutorial 
3 hours ago by cyberchucktx
How to fetch data in React - RWieruch
The article gives you a walkthrough on how to fetch data in plain React. There is no external state management solution, such as Redux or MobX, involved to store your fetched data. Instead you will use React’s local state management.
react  tutorial 
3 hours ago by jhafner
Servo Signals and Characterization -
Exploring the signals behind Arduino's Servo library, and characterizing a servo's response to pulse width. This write-up will be focused on electronic servos used in remote control applications, since these are most commonly used in hobbyist projects. R/C servo operational principles will be discussed, followed by a demonstration of how to characterize a servo using an OpenScope device.
servos  embedded  tutorial  reference 
3 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Qwiic Flex Glove Controller Hookup Guide -
Flex sensors are great for telling how bent something is in a project, but we’ve been running into issues with durability when using them in wearable applications like gloves. The Qwiic Flex Glove Controller isolates the weak point to allow for more permanent flex sensor applications. The board has an onboard ADS1015 ADC to I2C so we can get a whole bunch of analog inputs without touching our microcontroller’s ADC pins.
sparkfun  tutorial  glove  controller  gaming  flex 
4 hours ago by cyberchucktx

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