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Automatically track TV & movies you're watching
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yesterday by koysino
2016: You are still watching a staggering amount of TV every day - Recode
The average American watches an astonishing 4.3 hours of TV a day
USA  TV  media  consumption  time  daily 
yesterday by dandv
Amazon's Cheap 4K TVs Are Good Enough for Almost Anyone
Remember when 4Ks used to cost a damn fortune? Those days are quickly coming to an end, and if you need proof, look no further than Amazon’s new line of budget televisions, manufactured under the Westinghouse and Element brands. They come with all the smarts of Amazon’s excellent Fire TV set-top box as well as a price-to-quality ratio that makes them appealing to just about anyone who isn’t willing to take out a mortgage to watch the game in higher quality.
lifehacker  gear  tv  amazon  4k 
yesterday by kger
From Courtney Barnett to Beer Snake - The New York Times
the guy who got lost looking for gold in the desert
TV  music  theater 
2 days ago by ceptional

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