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The Prisoner 001 (2018) | View Comic
Yes folks, it's a modern sequel/revival! (Although I think they have the chessboard in the wrong part of the Village, but perhaps they've relandscaped the lawn in the 52 years since we last saw it.) It's being released one episode per month, with #2 already available. Be seeing you.
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3 hours ago by gominokouhai
Sacha Baron Cohen’s Art-Gallery Dupe Regrets Nothing (Except Her Dress)
This woman is wonderful.
"“I just don’t take myself as seriously as the politicians.”

"....."The greatest geniuses always offend."
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7 hours ago by grahams
Virgin Media customers to lose UKTV's 10 channels in rights row | Media | The Guardian
Dave, Gold and Drama to leave Virgin after dispute with BBC over video on demand rights
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8 hours ago by tonys
IHS: Amazon, Netflix ramp up global production |
Since rolling out worldwide in 2016, Amazon and Netflix have both stepped up original content production, according to business information provider IHS Markit. Netflix launched 1,257 hours of original first-run content in 2017, well ahead of Amazon Prime Video’s 285 hours. Netflix has also dramatically increased its origination outside the US, with 402 hours launching in 2017.

International content accounted for 40 per cent of Amazon’s total original first run output in 20177, compared to 32 per cent for Netflix. The availability of local content is primarily how both platforms adapt their services to various countries, along with local currency pricing, local-language websites, dubbing and subtitling.
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10 hours ago by dancall
World Cup success for Mediaset |
The 2018 World Cup has been a resounding success for Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset, despite Italy not qualifying for the tournament. Mediaset transmitted live and free-to-air all 64 matches of the competition for the first time in its history.

The cumulative audience for all the matches was 297 million viewers, 49 million more (+19.7 per cent) compared to the previous World Cup when the Italian national football team took part, broadcast by RAI and Sky Italia.
World-Cup  tv  stats  streaming 
10 hours ago by dancall
Don’t give up on Netflix just yet |
Michael Nathanson, at Moffettnathanson, (very) cautiously backs Netflix, and realistically says: “Unlike Amazon, Google and Facebook, the moat around Netflix’s business model does not appear as deep as these other models (Amazon = Online Shopping, Google = Search, Facebook = Social) and we doubt that they can create and enjoy monopoly economics in content creation and internet distribution. The barrier to entry here, in part, is sourced by spending more money faster than others can. There is little sign that rivals are falling away. In fact, as Netflix noted, other larger, better funded entities are entering this space.”

Moffettnathanson stays ‘Neutral’ on Netflix, and even reduces its target price by $3 to $223.  Its reasons are that the researchers admit that making your own new content is going to be more expensive than renting hit shows from the established studios and broadcasters, and praises Netflix’s move into new appealing international markets. “Looking out over time, we would expect the next set of markets to require lower initial pricing and more localized content in order to drive penetration higher.”
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10 hours ago by dancall
Ofcom: SVoD subs surpass pay-TV |
The number of UK subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix has overtaken those to traditional pay-TV for the first time, marking a major shift in the UK’s viewing habits, according to findings in regulator Ofcom’s Media Nations report, a comprehensive study of major trends in the UK’s television, radio and audio sectors.

The amount of revenue generated from pay-TV has also fallen for the first time, after a period of sustained growth,  Ofcom research finds.
tv  stats  netflix  paid 
10 hours ago by dancall
Netflix: Overhyped on the way up and down |
To me, this scenario now looks a better than an each-way bet. The market is now picking up the clues that have been there all along that the Netflix model is fragile. It is fragile because it isn’t objective, it isn’t subject to logic.

The proposition of lots of SVoD content ‘among which you are bound to find something you like all for a low price’ is long gone. Netflix now has less quantity (others won’t license to it nearly as much for one thing) and lays claim to lots more quality – understandably, it wanted to focus on its multiple Emmy nominations rather than subscribers. It has certainly made some great TV. But when you sustain your model through hit-making you are bound to have very variable results; you are subject to unpredictable taste (I’m not buying that AI will accurately predict global audience taste any time soon), and uncontrollable events – I give you Mr Kevin Spacey.
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10 hours ago by dancall
Netflix: “Strong, but not stellar” results |
Reed Hastings, CEO at Netflix, suffered a 14 per cent crash in his company’s share price July 16th in after-hours trading following disappointing quarterly numbers.
Netflix added a net 670,000 subscribers in the US, and 4.47 million internationally. For any other media business, there would be celebrations, but Wall Street expected more. The consensus was that Netflix would add 6.3 million subs overall.
Hastings described the quarter as “strong but not stellar”, and blamed increased competition from YouTube, HBO, Disney, Amazon and Apple, as well as foreign currency fluctuations as the streaming giants accelerate their international roll-outs. He later explained that an earlier Q2 trading period had also shown “lumpiness” and that normal growth speedily returned.
netflix  stats  tv 
10 hours ago by dancall
BBC: ‘2018 most live-streamed World Cup’ |
A massive 44.5 million tuned in to watch one of the most entertaining World Cup tournaments to date on the BBC this summer, according to figures released by the Corporation.

Millions across the country have witnessed moments that will stay with them forever, including England reaching its first semi-final in 28 years. The Three Lions’ quarter-final against Sweden holds the highest peak share of the whole tournament at 89 per cent and became the BBC’s highest online-viewed live programme ever with 3.8 million (3.9 million including on-demand) live requests on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport. 
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10 hours ago by dancall
Live TV no longer the first viewing choice for consumers | Media Analysis | Business
Only 39% of viewers now say live, linear TV from a traditional pay-TV service is what they turn on first. That represents a fall of 8 points over the last twelve months. Consumers are now more likely to turn first to an on-demand, time-shifted source of TV, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, a DVR, or pay-TV video-on-demand (48% combined).

The popularity of live TV is falling even in core demographics with the amount of older viewers who consider live TV their default dropping significantly. Even though the majority (56%) of viewers 55 and over still default to watching live, a year ago, this figure was two-thirds of such viewers. Among those 18-34, only about a quarter (26%) say that live TV is their default. A year ago, it was just more than a third (35%).
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10 hours ago by dancall
Direct to Consumer Entertainment (Series) – Chris Thilk
This past February, the Interactive Advertising Bureau published a report analyzing the impact the direct-to-consumer economy could have on the media industry. The report, titled “The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy,” details how D2C brands such as Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and others taken a big chunk of business away from physical retailers, using data-driven digital marketing to earn consumer business and loyalty.
films  tv  ecommerce  retail  trends  future 
10 hours ago by dancall
KFC channels kittens, robot Colonel in 4-hour Facebook live stream | Marketing Dive
KFC and entertainment website Super Deluxe hosted a four-hour live stream event featuring kittens and a seven-foot cat tree shaped like the fried chicken chain's mascot Colonel Sanders.
From 1-5 p.m. on Tuesday, viewers tuned in to Super Deluxe's Facebook page to watch the cats interact with the multi-level Colonel cat climber, which featured dangling chicken drumsticks, a spinning cane and spots for the kittens to lounge.
Every few minutes, viewers were given the chance to vote on what happened next: activate the Colonel's laser eyes, toss in a yarn ball, launch treats or turn on a cat-themed TV or radio station. Several times an hour, cat facts would flash on the screen and viewers could comment with suggestions for what to name the cats. At its peak, the live stream's viewership hit nearly 3,000 and totaled 439,000 over the four hours. The live stream generated 17,800 comments and 5,200 shares as of press time.
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10 hours ago by dancall
30% of Netflix Subscribers in Premium Service Tier
New Parks Associates OTT video research reports that 30% of Netflix subscribers are in the premium service tier, up from the 21% in late 2017. At the same time, uptake of Netflix’s basic tier has fallen from 35% of subscribers in late 2017 to 27% in early 2018. These shifts come despite Netflix’s price increase to its premium tier in October 2017. The research firm will examine new consumer behaviors and their implications for video and OTT services at the Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media December 10-12 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in California.

“This shift reflects trends that we are seeing across the industry, beyond Netflix,” said Brett Sappington, Senior Director of Research, Parks Associates. “Netflix’s basic tier is limited to one screen and SD quality, while the premium tier offers viewing on up to four screens and access to Ultra HD content. Many OTT-subscribing households have multiple people who want to watch similar content at the same time. Rather than competing for access, consumers are willing to pay extra for the convenience of multiple streams. At the same time, consumers want to watch on TVs, making HD viewing a must. Demand for Ultra HD TV is small but increasing.
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10 hours ago by dancall

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