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The Expanse Assembly
An Assembly of much of work of the Rocket Science VFX team over 3 seasons of The Expanse
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7 hours ago by jellis
Operation InfeKtion - The Big Picture
Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News
tv  fake  news  story  kgb 
11 hours ago by j1o1h1n
The Identity Of 'The Flash' Waitress Could Be Revealed When She Returns To The Show
We may be in the midst of the show's winter hiatus, but The Flash Season 4 is returning to the CW on Jan. 16. In the meantime, the crossover event Crisis on Earth-X event still has people still talking about just who the waitress from Barry and Iris' wedding is. According to actor Jessica Parker Kennedy, who made her Arrow-Verse debut as the mysterious caterer, the crossover wasn't the last you'll be seeing of that character.
In case you need a refresher, Kennedy's character met with Barry Allen just before his wedding. She sought him out, touched his arm, congratulated him, and commented that his wedding would be one for the ages. She also cautioned him to be sure to say "I do" when the time came. Her brief appearance felt very meaningful, and set fans off and speculating, some wondering whether she might be the happy couple's daughter from the future. While the actor can't reveal who the character is or how much more we'll be seeing her, she does confirm that she’s set to appear again this season.
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13 hours ago by rgl7194
How the Entertainment Biz is Rising to Meet Demand for Adaptations – Variety
Jason Richman, a media-rights agent at UTA, says when he started at the agency, his department was selling book rights to film 95% of the time. Now, however, agents are selling more than 60% to television. There’s a simple explanation: “The distribution model is changing, but they still need content to help drive all of that.”

Michelle Weiner, who heads CAA’s books department, says the increasing demand for adaptations has changed the internal structure of companies supplying the content.

“We have almost 15 people now doing books to film and television,” she says. “It is a culture of reading as much as you can get your hands on.”
books  tv  films  stats 
17 hours ago by dancall
What’s next for Endeavour after that shocking finale? Producer Damien Timmer on the SIXTH series of Endeavour. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello my fellow Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. This post is thanks to my friend Ellen Spain who pointed me in its direction. This is an interview from the TV listings magazine Radio Times. Enjoy.
Exclusive: Executive producer Damien Timmer gives us the inside scoop on the latest series of the Inspector Morse prequel – as well as a few hints at what we can expect in the future. Contains spoilers.
As well as being the usual head-scratching mystery for Shaun Evans’ troubled detective, the series five finale of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour was also a massive gamechanger for the drama as a whole.
With the Cowley CID team facing a very uncertain future and key characters seeming to say goodbye to the series forever, you might have thought things couldn’t get any worse – but then, the unimaginable happened…
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  preview  spoilers  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc 
18 hours ago by rgl7194
BritBox - Home
“Indulge your inner Brit with beloved classics and brand new series. Comedy, drama, mystery, documentary, lifestyle, news and special live events – direct from the BBC & ITV. All for $69.99/year or $6.99/month.”
tv  uk  british  2018 
18 hours ago by handcoding
I Hanker for a Hunka Cheese
Childhood memories of TV ads masquerading as public service announcements
tv  ads  cheese  tootme  food  abc 
yesterday by nelson

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