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(16) How to make a 4 to 1 balun cheap and easy - YouTube
How to make a 4 to 1 balun cheap and easy
How  to  make  a  4  1  balun  tv  antenna 
12 hours ago by kilroy2
BBC Two - Louis Theroux, Dark States, Trafficking Sex
Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, is widely considered to be the number one hub for human trafficking in North America. The US Department of Justice estimates that at least one in five of all the country's victims are trafficked through the city, and most of these people will be forced to work in the sex industry.
20 hours ago by siggiarni
Google is looking to wedge into TV advertising by displacing Comcast - Business Insider
Google has attempted to wedge its way into TV several times over the last decade, with very mixed results. But over the last six months or so, Google has been quietly and deliberately trying to sell its ad serving software to big TV and video players.

That puts Google directly in competition with cable giant Comcast – which owns Freewheel, the leader in delivering ads to people who stream TV shows on the web.

In some cases, Google has held corporate level discussions with some of the giant TV conglomerates about strategic partnerships. Those deals would theoretically provide these TV companies with some incentives for adopting Google's video ad technology, such as including proprietary access to some Google data that could be used for ad targeting, said people familiar with the matter. 
google  tv  trends  future  advertising  adserving  technology 
yesterday by dancall
Nielsen will now measure TV audiences on Netflix | TechCrunch
Nielsen is hoping to make the viewership numbers for the shows airing on streaming services a little less of a mystery. The company is today announcing a new service, Nielsen Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) Content Ratings, to measure streaming services’ programs in a way that’s comparable to linear TV. That includes ratings, reaches, frequency and segmentation reporting, Nielsen says.

In other words, the service won’t just track the number of people streaming a show, but the audience makeup as well – like the viewers’ ages, for example. It will also help content producers track their shows’ full lifecycle – from airing on TV, to time-shifted viewing via DVRs and other on-demand options to streaming services.
tv  measurement 
yesterday by dancall
How Complex grew its 'Sneaker Shopping' YouTube series | Glossy
Complex Networks’ “Sneaker Shopping” YouTube series has grown from an impromptu olive branch for the rapper Wale to one of the company’s top series.
The show — which follows host Joe LaPuma, Complex Networks’ vice president of content strategy, as he shops for sneakers with a celebrity — averages 1.9 million views per episode. Certain episodes have soared beyond that, including those featuring Migos (6.7 million) and the Ball family (7 million). It’s now the No. 1 sneaker shopping show on YouTube, a genre that includes competition from GQ and YouTubers like The Fung Bros.
The idea first came about in 2011, when Complex decided to film rapper Jim Jones shopping at famed sneaker retailer Flight Club while he promoted his latest album. “We had no intentions of revisiting it, and it was very rough compared to what you see now,” said LaPuma. Instead of shutting the store down, as they do now, they filmed it amidst the public, with sneakerheads running in and out of shots.
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yesterday by dancall

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