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Hardware - Monitor1 CRT
The monitor is the most important PC component, at least as far as the user is concerned. It is your interface, it is what you stare at . . . hour after hour. It decides what kind of experience you will have with your PC. Make no mistake - the choice of monitor is extremely important. If you use your PC frequently, then this is one area you do not want to go cheap !!

Monitors range from old, small, amber or green screens made for the text screens of the MS-DOS world, to large, lush models priced in the thousands. This section will cover how a monitor works, and most importantly, how to select the right monitor for you.

There are thousands of monitors on the market, and not surprisingly, a large number of pricey models that have a poor picture !! If I can do anything for you here on this page, it will be to steer you towards a decent selection, and I will do just that.

Make sure to read through the last third of this page, on resolution. Everyone misunderstands it - and it wil
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3 days ago by amason
Hannibal Redefined How We Tell Stories on TV -- Vulture
It wasn’t until Bryan Fuller’s adaptation, which presented itself as a dark fairy tale from minute one, that I willingly immersed myself in Thomas Harris’s fiction. It is about the capacity for evil, and how evil is a stultifying word that closes off understanding, and how empathy really is the flip side of sadism and connected to it, and also about the fragility of order — how it can be tipped very easily into chaos by people like Dolarhyde, or Hannibal, who recognize the fragility, see the thin skeins of twine holding “order” aloft, and play them like guitar strings.
tv  storytelling 
3 days ago by cmananian
The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
The monitor is the primary output device of a computer, one that immediately displays the results of its processing either text or graphics. It 'also the device that can weigh more than anything else in our work and have a good monitor is therefore a top priority if you want to work without straining your eyes; a good monitor is also necessary to obtain good fluidity and image definition games and movies. Choosing a monitor is therefore important.

Let's start by saying that there are two important technologies built for PC monitors that are distinctly different: CRT and LCD monitors. There is a third technology, the plasma screens, but for now the displays of this type are large and very expensive, so it there is no common use within the PC.
CRT  analogue  research  TV 
3 days ago by amason
Graph TV
Handy graphs of per episode ratings for TV series so you know when to bail out.
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4 days ago by mr_stru
Music-Discovery App Shazam Expanding Into TV - Rolling Stone
After four years of training smartphone users to identify any song they hear on the spot, Shazam is betting big on television, expanding its popular app to recognize shows on every channel. Once "tagged," a show will appear on the screen with information not only about music aired during the show but also cast information, sports statistics, links to the Internet Movie Database and Wikipedia and Facebook and Twitter interaction.
It's a huge expansion and strategy shift for the Palo Alto, California, company, which claims 250 million users. And it works so far – a recent test turned up MTV's Parental Control (and the Flo Rida and Switchfoot songs contained within), TeenNick's Dance Academy and CNN Newsroom. "It will let you Shazam virtually any program on any network," says Doug Garland, the company's chief revenue officer. "We're transitioning from being a music-discovery company to a broader media-engagement company."
music  shazam  tv 
4 days ago by rgl7194

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