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Can emotion-regulating tech translate across cultures? | Aeon Essays
Gadgets and algorithms give a robotic materiality to what the ancient Greeks called doxa: ‘the common opinion, commonsense repeated over and over, a Medusa that petrifies anyone who watches it,’ as the cultural theorist Roland Barthes defined the term in 1975.
11 weeks ago by libbymiller
Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition | Privacy - Consumer Reports
According to Amazon’s Children’s Privacy Disclosure, the company may capture data such as “name, birthdate, contact information (including phone numbers and e-mail addresses), voice, photos, videos, location, certain activity and device information.”
alexa  twm 
may 2018 by libbymiller
Facebook to launch two smart speakers in July 2018
Facebook is set to officially foray into the global smart speaker market in mid-2018 by launching two new models, codenamed Aloha and Fiona - both with 15-inch touchscreens - in July at the latest, with the devices positioned as a way to allow family and friends to stay in touch with video chat and various social features, according to industry sources.
facebook  twm  smartspeakers 
february 2018 by libbymiller
Facebook’s Virtual Assistant M Is Dead. So Are Chatbots | WIRED
One source familiar with the program estimates M never surpassed 30 percent automation.
fb  twm 
january 2018 by libbymiller

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