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Graceful shutdown with Go http servers and Kubernetes rolling updates
If you’re writing Go then you’re probably aware that graceful shutdown was added to the http package in 1.8. Similarly, If you’re using Kubernetes then I’m sure you’re aware of, and hopefully using…
type:article  type:howto  kubernetes  graceful  stop  lang:golang 
5 days ago by endorama
The Distributed System ToolKit: Patterns for Composite Containers - Kubernetes
Having had the privilege of presenting some ideas from Kubernetes at DockerCon 2015, I thought I would make a blog post to share some of these ideas for those of you who couldn’t be there.
Over the past two years containers have become an increasingly popular way to package and deploy code. Container images solve many real-world problems with existing packaging and deployment tools, but in addition to these significant benefits, containers offer us an opportunity to fundamentally re-...
type:article  container  design-patterns  kubernetes 
11 days ago by endorama
The Kubernetes Security Audit: 3 Key Takeaways | StackRox
We read through all 241 pages of recent Kubernetes security audit results to identify the key takeaways — there’s a lot of good content, but here’s the tl;dr:
type:article  kubernetes  security  audit 
17 days ago by endorama
DNS Spoofing on Kubernetes Clusters
s up more than one DNS pod, the results are unstable if you only spoof one.
This exploit only works if you run on the same node as the DNS pod, although similar operations could be performed to overcome this.
type:article  kubernetes  security  network  attack 
17 days ago by endorama
The internal of go-prompt: How to control the rich terminal UI (Part I).
Hello, I’m a creator of go-prompt. Fortunately, go-prompt reaches 2300 stars on Github. And many awesome OSS adopts this library today. Thank you for all the users and contributors. By using…
type:article  cli  prompt 
23 days ago by endorama
Let Me Tell You About My Pet: Patricia Lockwood
A charming article where Patricia Lockwood talks about her cat Miette.
type:article  author:patricia.lockwood 
5 weeks ago by sinsense
How to deploy geographically distributed services on Kubernetes Engine with kubemci | Google Cloud Blog
Increasingly, many enterprise Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers use multiple Google Kubernetes Engine clusters to host their applications, for better r
type:article  kubernetes  multi  cluster 
5 weeks ago by endorama

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