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The Age of Floating Transport – Citymapper – Medium
Why ‘floating’? Well we don’t like calling the category ‘dockless’, since we feel it shouldn’t be defined by what it lacks, especially when what it lacks makes it better. Existing transport is ‘fixed’, so we regard all modes that have changing physical locations as ‘floating’. There are different types:
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yesterday by dancall
Uber as 3-sided platform
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Uber moving from two-sided to multi-sided platform
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5 days ago by Frieda.Mendelsohn
Uber And Venmo Ink Payment Partnership |
According to the companies, customers in the U.S. who are ordering food and rides via Uber will soon be able to pay with their Venmo balance, linked bank account, credit card or debit card, allowing them to split the cost with friends and family in the Venmo app at no extra fee. The companies also said users can share their purchases in their Venmo feeds with custom emojis that are exclusive to the partnership.
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5 days ago by dancall

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