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The Making of a Democratic Economy | Ted Howard | RSA Replay - YouTube
"While not often reported on in the press, there is a growing movement – a Community Wealth Building movement – that is taking hold, from the ground up, in towns and cities in the United States and in the United Kingdom, in particular.

Ted Howard, co-founder and president of the Democracy Collaborative, voted one of ‘25 visionaries who are changing your world’, visits the RSA to share the story of the growth of this movement, and the principles underlying it. Join us to explore innovative models of a new economy being built in cities from Cleveland, Ohio to Preston, Lancashire, and to discuss how we might dramatically expand the vision and reality of a democratic economy."
economics  tedhoward  inequality  democracy  extraction  extractiveeconomy  us  uk  2018  capitalism  privatization  finance  wealth  power  elitism  trickledowneconomics  labor  work  universalbasicincome  ubi  austerity  democraticeconomy  precarity  poverty  change  sustainability  empowerment  socialism  socialchange  regulations  socialsafetynet  collectivism  banking  employment  commongood  unemployment  grassroots  organization  greatdepression  greatrecession  alaska  california  socialsecurity  government  governance  nhs  communities  communitywealthbuilding  community  mutualaid  laborovercapital  local  absenteeownership  localownership  consumerism  activism  participation  participatory  investment  cleveland  systemicchange  policy  credit  communityfinance  development  cooperatives  creditunions  employeeownership  richmond  virginia  nyc  rochester  broadband  publicutilities  nebraska  energy  utilities  hospitals  universities  theprestonmodel  preston  lancashire 
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The Brexit Fantasy Goes Down in Tears
"It’s an almighty mess, and, as O’Brien pointed out to his distressed caller, it isn’t entirely the making of the ordinary Britons who voted Leave. For decades now, right-wing politicians and their allies on Fleet Street have been vilifying the E.U. and portraying its officials as meddling bureaucrats. During the referendum campaign, the Brexiteers misled the populace about how easy it would be to extract Britain from the union. They also lied about the economic benefits of leaving, claiming, for example, that it would generate billions of pounds a year to spend on the National Health Service."
uk  europe  politics 
8 hours ago by jimmykduong
BBC bosses blur woman’s cleavage in case it OFFENDS viewers | UK | News |
BBC bosses blurred the cleavage of a woman who appeared in one of their documentaries fearing it could offend viewers.
feminism  censorship  uk 
8 hours ago by pankkake
Tonite 20.32 I’m with - on new Centre for Data Ethics + Innovation…
bbcclickradio  UK  from twitter_favs
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Good Journey - car-free days out
Good Journey shows you how to get to the UK’s best attractions by train, bus, bike and foot. And enjoy great discounts when you arrive car-free!
travel  UK 
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