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All 27 EU leaders believe Theresa May's Brexit trade plan will not work
What on earth is going on for Theresa May to say she doesn't understand the concerns?
uk  europe  doom 
3 hours ago by andrewducker
Don’t trust algorithms to predict child-abuse risk | Letters | Technology | The Guardian
Brilliant set of responses from readers of the Guardian to the child welfare algorithmic prediction story.
DAD  childwelfare  UK  media 
4 hours ago by becky_hogge
Press release: Campaigners win vital battle against UK mass surveillance at European Court of Human Rights | Privacy International
Caroline Wilson Palow, General Counsel at Privacy International, said:

“Today’s judgment rightly criticises the UK’s bulk interception regime for giving far too much leeway to the intelligence agencies to choose who to spy on and when. It confirms that just because it is technically feasible to intercept all of our personal communications, it does not mean that it is lawful to do so.

The judgment also rightly recognises that collecting communications data - the who, what, and where of our communications - is as intrusive as collecting the content. This is a significant and important enhancement of our privacy protections.”
privacyinternational  privacyint  bulk  interception  privacy  uk  governmentsurveillance  indie  radar 
4 hours ago by laurakalbag
Solidatus - An Award-Winning Data Lineage Solution
Solidatus provides a flexible end-to-end proof of data lineage to satisfy the growing number of regulations requiring full visibility, including BCBS-239 and CCAR.
regulatory  software  ml  UK 
5 hours ago by shalmaneser
Cedar Rose
The World’s Largest Middle East & Africa Database.
credit  data  bi  ml  UK 
5 hours ago by shalmaneser
Credit reference agency Equifax fined for security breach
The ICO fines Equifax £500K, the maximum amount possible under the old Data Protection Act (via Privacy Kit)
via:privacy-kit  ico  equifax  privacy  data-protection  uk  penalties  law 
5 hours ago by jm
Contract vs Terms and Conditions | Research Operations Office
What is the difference between a contract and terms and conditions?

A contract is usually a formal written agreement between two or more parties that is exchanged between them in a process of negotiation to arrive at a position that is acceptable to all concerned

Terms and conditions are mostly non-negotiable and are attached to an award

An example of a contract is the University's sponsored studentship agreement that may be negotiated between the University and the sponsor.

An example of terms and conditions can be found appended to research council grants (and which are non-negotiable).

The terms “contract” and “agreement” are often used interchangeably.
legal  law  UK 
10 hours ago by ndf

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