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WCR- Full-Report-2016.pdf
World Cities Report 2016 UN Habitat
cities  UNHabitat  New  Urban  Agenda 
may 2016 by ctonne
Open UN-Habitat - IATI Documentation
Documentation on how to set up your own "Open UN-Habitat" platform.

In September 2012, UN-Habitat started publishing IATI data. At the same time it launched the website built in Wordpress and using the OIPA engine to parse IATI data.
opendata  iati  tools  unhabitat 
february 2013 by pelleaardema
Could Minecraft be the next great engineering school? - Quartz
"The game’s open, often cooperative play, peer-built environments and simplicity has drawn an army of dedicated players who often spend days tunneling, hammering and building, just for the pleasure of making."

"While serious games have been used for some time for education and awareness, Minecraft seems different, a particular tool for a particular moment when computing skills, clever engineering solutions and the ability to engage distributed groups for social good all converge. Game designer and media philosopher Ian Bogost has called Minecraft a “game about resilience…a masterful magic crayon” after a term used by Chaim Gingold to describe tools that unlock new kinds of creativity. Bogost goes one step further to liken it to “shit crayons,” like the improvised tools poet Wole Soyinka used to write his works in a Nigerian prison—a tool for emancipatory creativity under moments of stress and constraint."

[See also: "The Great Lego Minecraft Shortage of 2012: ]
play  videogames  seriousgames  gaming  games  scottsmith  ianbogost  mooc  moocs  mineraftedu  unhabitat  kibera  svenskbyggtjänst  minakvarter  myblock  mojang  blockbyblock  edg  srg  education  learning  sandboxes  deschooling  unschooling  2012  engineering  minecraft  lego  from delicious
december 2012 by robertogreco
Global Atlas of Excreta, Wastewater Sludge, and Biosolids Management
It is crystal clear that, in addition to clean air, the well-being of our planet also requires that water, wastewater and the resulting biosolids (sludge) need to be managed more seriously, and in a focused, coordinated and cooperative manner.
annual  atlas  sludge  wastewater  geospatial  1989-present  united  nations  human  settlements  programme  unhabitat  international  intergovernmental  organization  igo 
september 2008 by amyewest

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