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GitHub - dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible: 📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.
📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes. - dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible
bash  terminal  reference  unix  github 
48 minutes ago by imbw267
Unix Toolbox
A collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users, a compact and practical reference.
sysadmin  linux  reference  unix 
22 hours ago by lenciel
grepcidr for UNIX
grepcidr can be used to filter a list of IP addresses against one or more Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) specifications. As with grep, there are options to invert matching and load patterns from a file. grepcidr is capable of efficiently processing large numbers of IPs and networks.

grepcidr has endless uses in network software, including: mail filtering and processing, network security, log analysis, and many custom applications.

For detailed instructions and examples, please see the README file or man page. A couple examples of usage:

grepcidr 2001:db8::/32 logfile
grepcidr access.log
cidr  tools  software  cli  macos  unix  network  networking  search  workflow  ip 
yesterday by emory
How to Rebuild Corrupted RPM Database in CentOS
In this article, we will show how to rebuild a corrupted RPM database; this way you can recover from an RPM database corruption in CentOS.
centos  rpm  redhat  unix  linux  enterprise  troubleshooting  sysadmin  hacks 
yesterday by bsantanna
How to Set File Permissions in Mac OS X | Macinstruct
Mac OS X uses permissions to restrict access to applications, files, and folders. Utilizing this security control can help protect your data from unauthorized access. Whether you use your Mac in public places or share it with other users, you may want to change the permissions on your documents to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.
mac  unix  permissions 
yesterday by mattone

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