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Fix Ubuntu 16.10 Upgrade Boot Failure
Ubuntu 16:10 upgrade bug makes the OS unbootable. The reported error is 'unable to mount root fs'. The computer can be fixed easily.
ubuntu  ubuntu1710  upgrade 
2 days ago by nouveau_cologne
Nice to Know – Mass upgrading Windows 10 Using PowerShell « The Deployment Bunny
Someone asked med a while back - Is it possible to upgrade our Windows 7,8,8.1 and unsupported Windows 10 machines to a supported version of Windows 10 without a deployment solution? ….(thinking) - You mean without running around to all machines? ….(Thinking) - Yes, it is possible Before explaining how that can be done, let’s…
windows  upgrade  scripting 
7 days ago by natedoc
Upgrading Kickstarter to Rails 5
Fall is here! Change is in the air. And as of last month, Kickstarter runs its two biggest applications on Rails 5: our payments app, Rosie, and our main app, Kickstarter. In this post, we’ll…
programming  rails  upgrade 
13 days ago by marten

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