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Urban renewal doesn’t think about real people, just white male architects
gender  urban  architecture  city 
yesterday by kvetchup
How I Learned to Cycle Like a Dutchman | The New Yorker
By the end of our stay in Holland, cycling had become something we did with the ease I’d dreamed of. Once, in a light rain, I biked ten kilometres to the Hague, with my phone strapped to my handlebars displaying Google Maps and five thousand dollars’ worth of my employer’s computer equipment in my basket.
cycling  netherlands  europe  transit  transportation  urban  cities  traffic  usa  children 
yesterday by allaboutgeorge
Do you live in a ‘soft city’? Here’s why you probably want to
Favorite tweet:

Dear urban planners & city authorities of #Pakistan, read how to make cities more dense, diverse and livable.Dnt isolate people & places from each other.Go for mixed/multi-purpose buildings/neighbourhoods #ReImagineIslamabad #reimaginepakcities #MeraShehar

— Naveed Iftikhar (@navift) September 11, 2019
urban  urban_planning  from instapaper
5 days ago by jeremyhiggs
Cause major metros are expensive as hell, they usually soft-ban children and par... | Hacker News
Cause major metros are expensive as hell, they usually soft-ban children and parenting, they are openly hostile to quick/reliable transportation, and generally depend on lots of labour from other slightly-poorer non-local people to remain viable.
If you carefully curate your life in such a way as to have very few responsibilities or needs, city living can be a lot of fun. I get why people like it, I liked it too. And if you are wealthy, you can buy your way out of a most of these problems.
But for regular, average people, making regular average wages, city living is mostly just a long list of painful drawbacks, and most regular people couldn't afford it even if they were willing to put up with all of that.
cities  debate  lifestyle  urban 
6 days ago by gregory31415
A Nobel-Winning Economist Goes to Burning Man
Mr. Romer’s answer is to do with this moment what Burning Man does every summer: Stake out the street grid; separate public from private space; and leave room for what’s to come. Then let the free market take over."
urban  design  burning  man  black  rock  city 
7 days ago by jntolva
Stour Space | Multi-functional creative venue with bar & cafe
A socially minded organisation offering exhibition, performance and studio space for the development of creative enterprises. Devoted to the promotion and production of art and design, performance and innovative business, Stour Space also works in collaboration with many local enterprises, residents, artists and committees.
London  ArtNetworks  Urban  Spatial 
9 days ago by didgebaba
What's a 'Smart City' Supposed to Look Like? - CityLab
The smart city isn’t a technological utopia, or an environmental lifeboat. It’s a few PowerPoint slides in a conference room demonstrating that there’s money to be made.
smartcity  urban 
9 days ago by agfa8x
Step-by-step guide - Placemaking Chicago
Want to do something to improve a public space in your community? Project for Public Spaces recommends the following steps for evaluating a place, making a place plan, and putting it into action. Read on to learn how to use the Placemaking process to make your neighborhood a better place.
Placemaking  Place  Urban 
10 days ago by didgebaba
Uber Undone | Noah Kulwin
"Silicon Valley began this decade as the bleeding edge of the American economy, where new technologies were said to be building a better future for the whole planet. By its end, the American tech industry will be largely viewed as the labor-destroying, profit-hungry behemoth that it truly is. While Facebook’s inadvertent election-rigging and Google’s near-monopoly on digital advertising might draw more attention as the culprits behind that pendulum swing, it is Uber’s Randian capitalism that most transparently lays bare Silicon Valley villainy. And even from outside the C-suite, from which he was ejected in 2017, Kalanick remains its smug, unapologetic face."
siliconvalley  californianideology  grifters  us  finance  economics  venturecapital  2019  mikeisaac  noahkulwin  technology  technosolutionism  google  facebook  society  traviskalanick  uber  lyft  gigeconomy  labor  inequality  urbanplanning  urban  urbanism  capitalism  neoliberalism 
10 days ago by robertogreco

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