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Max Böck: Emergency Website Kit
In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But existing (CMS) websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

Like so many others, I’m currently in voluntary quarantine at home - and I used some time this weekend to put a small boilerplate together for this exact usecase.

Here’s the main idea:

• generate a static site with Eleventy
• minimal markup, inlined CSS
• aim to transmit everything in the first connection roundtrip (~14KB)
• progressively enable offline-support w/ Service Worker
• set up Netlify CMS for easy content editing
• one-click deployment via Netlify

The site contains only the bare minimum - no webfonts, no tracking, no unnecessary images. The entire thing should fit in a single HTTP request. It’s basically just a small, ultra-lean blog focused on maximum resilience and accessibility. The Service Worker takes it a step further from there so if you’ve visited the site once, the information is still accessible even if you lose network coverage.

The end result is just a set of static files that can be easily hosted on cloud infrastructure and put on a CDN. Netlify does this out of the box, but other providers or privately owned servers are possible as well.
coronavirus  disaster  urbanplanning  webdevelopment  internet 
5 days ago by matthewmcvickar
topics I’m following right now:
-effective behavioral economics to
-economic resili…
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11 days ago by electroponix
CIVIC Platform
CIVIC Platform is a technology environment that makes institutional data more accessible, enabling creative applications and analysis.

We connect resources and a nationwide network of collaborators with complex information challenges in the public interest to build projects on CIVIC’s open technology frameworks.

Our vision is for public data to be available as a vital resource for collaboration and group problem solving -- accessible programatically, in common formats, with excellent documentation, using secure and reliable technology.

The technology is only part of the challenge. Custodians of this data in government, nonprofit, and academia face barriers of limited funding, access to talent, and unique compliance.

We’re building the teams and systems to make it happen.
politics  government  portland  technology  internet  data  urbanplanning 
5 weeks ago by matthewmcvickar
Kaia Sand: City efforts should lead to health and housing, not more suffering (Street Roots)
It’s easy to see poor people living in public spaces and the trash that accumulates, but this is a particular way of considering impact on public spaces, with a singular disregard for the punitive nature in taking away people’s belongings because they don’t have a home to hide them in. If it’s just about trash — we know how to get rid of trash.

So I ask the mayor: if ending homelessness is a defining problem of our city, shouldn’t we demand that everything that impacts the lives of unhoused people also support health and housing?

To do anything less is to fall short on vision.


Navigation teams have been sent to nine camps out of approximately 3,000 camps that have been swept.

A more constructive system would send these navigation teams or other outreach workers to build possibilities with unhoused people every single time city is about to destroy their living space. Every single time.


People need legal places to sleep. And many people actually would be well-served having nearby land to at least camp. A federal appeals court has upheld that it is inhumane to break down active camps without places for people to go.


A policy entirely driven by complaining is destructive to our city when, in fact, many people in this city want to help. If a private entity wants to open space for camping, fast track this.

In fact, staff at HUCIRP has been thinking along these lines, putting together a program for hygiene trailers. If your organization might be able to host one, I urge you to apply. I would like this program to be widely successful, but people need to know that this is possible.
portland  urbanplanning  homelessness 
5 weeks ago by matthewmcvickar

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