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25 Years of Growth in Las Vegas : Image of the Day
Satellite images of Las Vegas every 5 years starting in 1984. Major sprawlification. And you wonder why Lake Mead is dropping at incredible rates.
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june 2017 by benwildeboer
YouTube - Built To Last
Argument against urban sprawl & suburbanization & for urbanism.
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june 2017 by benwildeboer
Watch: Satellite time lapse reveals humanity's global footprint - Vox
"[video: ]

In the 1970s, some forward-thinking NASA scientists put an Earth-observing satellite into orbit. At an altitude of 570 miles, it photographed the entire planet every 18 days, circling Earth 14 times a day and sending the data back to ground stations.

Forty years later, this satellite and its successors have created the longest continuous record of our planet's surface. By stringing the images together, NASA and the US Geological Survey have shown how rapidly and how profoundly humans are changing the face of Earth.


In this time lapse showing the massive growth of Las Vegas, vegetation appears red because the images were partially gathered through infrared sensors. Golf courses and lawns jump out, foretelling the city's water scarcity problems. Off of Lake Mead an artificial lake appears in the 1990s, and developments form alongside it. This is Lake Las Vegas, where Celine Dion lives.

Check out the video above to see what 40 years of satellite imagery reveal about humanity's global footprint.

Read more: 15 before-and-after images that show how we're transforming the planet"
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may 2015 by robertogreco
Slow and steady progress to protect our community | Smart Growth Waterloo Region
Urban sprawl by local land developers needs to be in check or else WR won't have any nature left: via
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november 2014 by rinkjustice
Driven to Action - Getting started | Publications | David Suzuki Foundation
You can stop urban sprawl in your community and save wildlife. Here's how:
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april 2013 by rinkjustice
Urban life: A tale of many cities | The Economist
What makes some cities succeed while others fail? Successful places have in common the ability to attract people and to enable them to collaborate. Yet Mr Glaeser also says they are not like Tolstoy’s happy families: those that thrive, thrive in their own ways. Thus Tokyo is a national seat of political and financial power. Singapore embodies a peculiar mix of the free market, state-led industrialisation and paternalism. The well-educated citizenries of Boston, Milan, Minneapolis and New York have found new sources of prosperity when old ones ran out.
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february 2011 by aamoore
What the UK can teach US cities
he British have long looked to US cities for inspiration. Now Americans are starting to seek UK solutions to their urban problems
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june 2008 by Z303

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