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Google Inc. v James Hung
Summary of arbitration case re:
url  domain  dispute  arbitation  case  2009  google  law  legal  trademark  internet  ecommerce 
3 days ago by csrollyson
Configure and validate Windows Defender Antivirus network connections | Microsoft Docs
Rough list of Windows Defender antivirus update endpoints. But, apparently there is also a secret set of URI's that get used only if updates have failed for more than 14 days that are undocumented, as a way for MS to bypass corporate blocks in an attempt to improve general internet health...
windows  defender  antivirus  update  endpoint  URL  list  proxy  bypass  sysadmin  reference  information  tips  tricks 
9 days ago by asteroza
Uploading images directly to Cloud Storage by using Signed URL | Google Cloud Blog
See how to implement a service hosted on GCP that allows users to upload images into Cloud Storage using Signed URL, then serve that static content using managed services.
oogle  cloud  upload  signed  url 
15 days ago by recurser
WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features PRO – Soft 79
Apply coupon using an url

Now you can easily create a link that will automatically apply a coupon to the user's cart, optionally in combination with a product.

Simply append ?apply_coupon=coupon_code to the url. If you also want to add products to the cart with the same url, you can use add-to-cart=product_id and optionally a quantity. Example:
woocommerce  apply-coupon  coupon  url  programmatic 
17 days ago by texorama
Base64 and URL Encoding and Decoding
Encodes or decodes data in Base64 or URL encoding using client side JavaScript
url  encode  decode 
20 days ago by mysty
nccgroup/Extractor: Extension adds a new tab in Burp Suite called Extractor
Within this tab you can add nodes to a tree to describe what the data in requests or responses looks like. Each Leaf in that tree will create a new tab everywhere a query or response is shown with the query data transformed according to all parent nodes up to the specific leaf.
ncc  burp  extension  automation  encoding  gzip  base64  url  hex  json 
24 days ago by plaxx

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