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Guidelines for URL Display | Chromium
This document covers the best practices and pitfalls for building UI to display URLs in browsers and other apps. It covers the main categories of problems and challenges that we’ve seen in building Chrome. The guidance is intended to be generally applicable, but includes some Chrome-specific notes throughout.
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7 days ago by lorenzck
Your website's , and ontology structure are key elements of on-page . They immediately either exu…
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9 days ago by jhill5
Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL | WIRED
Google wants to get rid of URLs. But first, it needs to show you why.
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17 days ago by tonys
How can I disable searching and domain guessing from the Firefox Address Bar, while keeping other features?
"Go to about:config and set the following preferences to false:


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17 days ago by eric.brechemier

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