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We should all be reading more Ursula Le Guin | The Outline
The social theorist Donna Haraway, who has been deeply influenced by Le Guin’s writings, implores us to tell other stories about this weird shared reality: “It matters what stories tell stories,” she writes. “It matters what worlds world worlds.” We are still learning how to tell stories about climate change. It is fundamentally a more-than-human problem, one that simultaneously affects all communities of people, animals, plants — albeit asymmetrically. The kind of story we need right now is unheroic, incorporating social movements, political imagination and nonhuman actors. In this story, time doesn’t progress in an easily digestible straight line, with a beginning, middle and end. Instead there are many timelines, each darting around, bringing actions of the past and future into the present. It collapses nature as a category, recognizing that we’re already a part of it. In a climate change story, nobody will win, but if we learn to tell it differently more of us can survive.
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7 weeks ago by isaacsmith
Her Left Hand, The Darkness | Alison Smith | Granta Magazine
She taught me a few things that I’ve never forgotten:

1. Not everyone who thinks they’re better than you actually is.
2. Speaking your mind is better than hiding your mind.
3. Trying to be an author is a very bad idea.
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january 2019 by Nachimir
We Need More Games with Ursula Le Guin's Idea of Flexible Resistance - Waypoint
"To inherit Le Guin’s principles is to evade the fantasy of power. We need more games that grapple on the ground, that present that conditions of our lives, whether those lives are abstracted into the fantastical or grounded in real-world specificity.

We need works that can settle into sadness about the way things are and yet know, like Semley, that things don’t have to be this way. To follow in Le Guin’s footsteps is to hunt for the things that we don’t have but should have. There is no true world, nothing “natural,” and games can point over the horizon in the same way that Le Guin’s fictions did. She did not leave us an ethic, but she did leave us principles and ways of being concerned about the world. And those principles demand that we pick a path that carries us our of our monstrous present and into a better future."
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january 2018 by Nachimir

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