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Is the era of the $100+ graphing calculator coming to an end? | The Hustle
- don't feel too sorry for Texas Instruments: over a 20-year period, TI set out to manufacture demand by making its calculators mandated classroom tools.

The company established partnerships with big textbook companies that integrated TI-specific exercises (complete with screenshots of buttons) into classroom curricula. It sought approval for standardized test use from administrators like the College Board. And every time a competing tech innovation came along, it lobbied to maintain its perch atop the parabola.

According to Open Secrets and ProPublica data, Texas Instruments paid lobbyists to hound the Department of Education every year from 2005 to 2009 — right around the time when mobile technology and apps were becoming more of a threat.

The company campaigned against devices with touchscreens, internet connection, and QWERTY keyboards"
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52 minutes ago by renaissancechambara
City vs. country: Christopher Ingraham’s book “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now” - Vox
Plenty of people dream of doing it. Christopher Ingraham’s new book makes a pretty solid case about why you should.
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4 days ago by robertogreco
Raising your kids in the city? Here’s why it’s the best. - Vox
"America’s major cities are turning into playgrounds for childless professionals. It shouldn’t have to be this way."
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4 days ago by robertogreco

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