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NASA finally admits it doesn’t have the funding to land humans on Mars | Ars Technica
For the last five years or so, NASA has sold the public on a Journey to Mars, a grand voyage by which the agency will land humans on the red planet during the 2030s. With just budgetary increases for inflation, the agency said, it had the resources for humanity's next great step, to land crews safely on Mars, and to bring them home. The agency's new rocket, the Space Launch System, and spacecraft, Orion, were sold by NASA administrator Charles Bolden as the vehicles that would get the job done.
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9 hours ago by lehmannro
The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion - Scientific American Blog Network
By 2030, say projections, a third of Americans will have no religious preference

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10 hours ago by geetarista
Mehr als Fast Food | NZZ
Die Reputation der amerikanischen Küche ist nicht die allerbeste. Doch sie hat viel mehr zu bieten als Burger, Pommes frites, Hot Dogs und Cola.
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11 hours ago by Einfach_Essen
Exploring the Brutality of Expansion: Tracking Changes in the 19th Century with American Panorama - American Historical Association
Years ago, while preparing for a lecture, I ran across a GIF depicting the territorial expansion of the United States. While I am unsure of its origins, I’ve seen similar maps in textbooks, Wikipedia articles, and Google images. via Pocket
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15 hours ago by kintopp
How America Came Apart: Global Trade, Wars, Prisons, Wall Street, Power Politics | Van Jones
Both Republicans and Democrats blame the poor on each side, creating a terrible dissonance in our politics and in our nation's psyche.
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19 hours ago by kogakure
Linked Data for Production (LD4P) - LD4P public website - DuraSpace Wiki
Welcome to the website of Linked Data for Production (LD4P). With support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the LD4P partners (Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Library of Congress, Princeton, and Stanford / Directory of team members) are piloting the production of linked data for library resources. via Pocket
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20 hours ago by kintopp
The Vision of Linked Open Data: Martin Wong and the METRO Network – The METRO Fellowship
This post appears as part of my 8-month fellowship with the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), which ended in June 2017. My project was entitled “Interlinking Resources, Diversifying Representation: Linked Open Data in the METRO Community”. via Pocket
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20 hours ago by kintopp
What Facebook Did to American Democracy - The Atlantic
“Add everything up. The chaos of a billion-person platform that competitively dominated media distribution. The known electoral efficacy of Facebook. The wild fake news and misinformation rampaging across the internet generally and Facebook specifically. The Russian info operations. All of these things were known.

And yet no one could quite put it all together: The dominant social network had altered the information and persuasion environment of the election beyond recognition while taking a very big chunk of the estimated $1.4 billion worth of digital advertising purchased during the election. There were hundreds of millions of dollars of dark ads doing their work. Fake news all over the place. Macedonian teens campaigning for Trump. Ragingly partisan media infospheres serving up only the news you wanted to hear. Who could believe anything? What room was there for policy positions when all this stuff was eating up News Feed space? Who the hell knew what was going on?”
trump  information  influence  usa  politics  society  facebook  media 
21 hours ago by colm.mcmullan
Why Are We Still Teaching 'To Kill a Mockingbird' In Schools?
Banning Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' from middle schools is not totally wrong, just often undertaken for the wrong reasons.
racism  usa  feminism  stupid 
22 hours ago by pankkake
How the Republican party quietly does the bidding of white supremacists | Russ Feingold | Opinion | The Guardian
Words mean nothing if the Republican agenda doesn’t change. Governors and state legislatures were so quick to embrace people of color in order to avoid the impression, they too share Trump’s supreme affinity for the white race. But if they don’t stand up for them they are not indirectly, but directly enabling the agenda of those same racists that Republican members were so quick to condemn via Twitter.

Gerrymandering, strict voter ID laws, felon disenfranchisement are all aimed at one outcome: a voting class that is predominantly white, and in turn majority Republican.

The white supremacist chant of, “you will not replace us,” could easily and accurately be the slogan for these Republican politicians. Their policies will achieve the same racial outcome as Jim Crow – the disenfranchisement and marginalization of people of color.
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yesterday by gpe

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