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Local News Is Dying, and It’s Taking Small Town America With It - Bloomberg
Local government is exactly the kind of place where journalistic resources are being cut.” refrr:
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Steve Bannon takes Catholic crusade to Italy
Mr Harnwell indicated a ruined building in the grounds of Trisulti. “That is the remains of a Benedictine monastery, built in 996AD,” he said. “The rule of St Benedict is a pillar of western civilisation. Now Trisulti is going to be Steve Bannon’s gladiator school for culture warriors who defend that same civilisation.”

Behind the story
After helping to mastermind Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory, Steve Bannon has turned his attention to Europe (Tom Kington writes). He hopes to nurture populist parties before next May’s EU elections through his new group, the Movement, which aims to enfeeble the EU, strengthen borders and fight radical Islam.
Allies already include Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Italy’s Matteo Salvini, both of whom are stoking anti-migrant sentiment, as well as Marine Le Pen in France. On Saturday, Mr Bannon, 64, will be in Rome to address the congress of h
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