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Example of code that uses HID for Android to connect to the device through USB.
Example of code that uses HID for Android to connect to the device through USB. - gist:8333021
android  usb  hid 
2 days ago by todbot
USB Button: sipmle pushbutton for control
Collection of buttons (two USB-based, one Bluetooth-based) for around $20.
usb  button  momentship 
2 days ago by cyberchucktx
The Mooltipass Hardware Password Keeper
Compatible with Any Device, Natively Supported By Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Completely Open Source!
device  hardware  opensource  password  security  mooltipass  management  storage  usb  devices 
3 days ago by concinno
Watch Out: How to Buy a USB Type-C Cable That Won’t Damage Your Devices
A bad cable that isn’t designed properly will allow the smartphone to attempt to draw a larger amount of power, though, which could damage your computer or its USB port. It could damage a charger brick or USB hub, too–this isn’t just a problem when charging from a computer.
4 days ago by foliovision
OpenWrt Project: Quick Start for Adding a USB drive
Many useful OpenWrt utilities and packages rely on external storage to hold data files. This guide describes how to add a single USB stick or drive to your OpenWrt device.
usb  storage  howto  guide  example  tips  cli  sysadmin  documentation  openwrt  router  linux  packages  configuration 
4 days ago by ezequiel
Solo – SoloKeys
The first open-source FIDO2 security key.
key  u2f  FIDO2  2fa  fido  authentication  security  hardware  2factor  secure  usb 
4 days ago by sebbi
How to Install CH340 Drivers -
In this tutorial, we'll show you how to install CH340 drivers on multiple operating systems if you need. The driver should automatically install on most operating systems. However, there is a wide range of operating systems out there. You may need to install drivers the first time you connect the chip to your computer's USB port or when there are operating system updates.
hardwaresupport  driver  drivers  howto  guide  electronics  linux  windows  macosx  links  software  serialport  usb  kernelmodule  screenshots  images 
4 days ago by ezequiel

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