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Interaction Flow Kit for Sketch — Free Download – MOBGEN — Part of Accenture Interactive – Medium
The creation of interaction flows is a big part of our process as digital product designers. After many iterations we now have a mind-bending fast way to do all of this in 💎Sketch.
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january 2018 by richardsison - Get Inspired by the Best Email Automation Examples
Want inspiration for the email sequence for your next webinar, product launch or free trial? Check out our free email automation examples gallery here!
email  flow  collection  user-journey  email-design 
may 2017 by richardsison
How to create a user experience flow chart (UX Flow Chart)
Next up in our web and mobile development tutorial series, here we'll examine the process of moving from a User Interface Spec to the construction of a flow chart that describes the detailed user experience (UX) through the app. This is where the engineer(s) and creative(s) must work closely together to decide what kind of software tools can best support the intended interfaces and click/swipe behavior, down to every last tab, tooltip, lightbox, icon, etc…
user-journey  UX 
february 2017 by neil_berry
Engaging Networks 2016 Community Conference
Sessions ranged from practical workshops on current software tools, innovation sessions highlighting new Engaging Networks features for 2016, including the new page builder for all action types and an overhaul of our automated email marketing functionality, learning sessions from industry experts and a wide range of fundraising and campaigning case studies from our clients.
Campaigning  Fundraising  online-fundraising  user-journey  Konferenz  Best_Practise 
april 2016 by uschlenker
The Baseline Journey
By Brandon SchauerManaging a customer’s journey across time and touchpoint is a labor of love. Attempting to manage different journeys for different customer types can be, well, a labor of lunacy.
weekly.rc  ux  user-journey 
january 2016 by studiomohawk

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