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Why Whatsapp’s design makes it the best instant messenger
People love their messaging apps like their hometown sports teams. You’ll find die hard fans of iMessage, Whatsapp, and Facebook’s Messenger defending their platforms with a ferocity found more in…
Whatsapp  UserExperience  Design  Analysis  Examples 
9 days ago by gregg
15 Top Prototyping Tools Go Head-to-Head — SitePoint
Dave Kearney compares the top 15 prototyping tools disrupting the design tool market today, with video overviews of each one.
userexperience  webdesign  webdevelopment  protoyping 
9 days ago by garrettc
The State of UX in 2017
section: Should designers design talks about evolving roles and titles

"Recruiting participants, following up with them and collecting feedback can be daunting — not to mention it is not a sexy thing to sell to the big bosses. Besides very specific cases, we predominately still use the same tools and process that we used 10 years ago.
It’s time to automate that."
design  portfolio  userexperience  ux  userresearch  automation 
10 days ago by michelemiz
Password reset email best practices
Every app uses password reset emails. They're easy to take for granted. That's why we gathered these tips to help you create better password reset emails.
authentication  privacy  email  userexperience 
11 days ago by garrettc

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