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« earlier - Convert a date from / to a timestamp online
Convert between normal date and UNIX ten-digit date - 2018-09-17
utilities  webapp  oxwall 
yesterday by wellsa
Getting started with Tmux | Linuxize
Tmux is a terminal multiplexer an alternative to GNU Screen. In other words, it means that you can start a Tmux session and then open multiple windows inside that session. Each window occupies the entire screen and can be splitted into rectangular panes.
linux  unix  opensource  utilities 
2 days ago by Chirael
Apple Software for the Enterprise | Rixstep
Apple Software for the Enterprise, Xfile the #1 file manager for macOS
mac  utilities  apple 
5 days ago by stevenbrown
Seer - preview files like in MacOS
Preview files from Windows Explorer without having to open them or use the cumbersome preview panel.
Windows  software  utilities  favorite  faveWinApp 
6 days ago by photomernik
MARGO. Metrology for the acoustic recognition of gas optimised services
MARGO is a patented technique for listening to any meter measuring a gas or a fluid (including natural gas & water).
architecture  building  plumbing  metrology  acoustic  heating  electrical  engineering  ventilation  optimisation  utilities  energy  metering 
6 days ago by asaltydog
BlackIoT: IoT Botnet of High Wattage Devices Can Disrupt the Power Grid | USENIX
Via Bruce Schneier

"We demonstrate that an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet of high wattage devices–such as air conditioners and heaters–gives a unique ability to adversaries to launch large-scale coordinated attacks on the power grid. In particular, we reveal a new class of potential attacks on power grids called the Manipulation of demand via IoT (MadIoT) attacks that can leverage such a botnet in order to manipulate the power demand in the grid. We study five variations of the MadIoT attacks and evaluate their effectiveness via state-of-the-art simulators on real-world power grid models. These simulation results demonstrate that the MadIoT attacks can result in local power outages and in the worst cases, large-scale blackouts. Moreover, we show that these attacks can rather be used to increase the operating cost of the grid to benefit a few utilities in the electricity market. This work sheds light upon the interdependency between the vulnerability of the IoT and that of the other networks such as the power grid whose security requires attention from both the systems security and power engineering communities."
IoT  utilities  electricity  infrastructure  hacking  cybersecurity  botnets 
7 days ago by pierredv
Wox - Application launcher for Windows
Application launcher for windows. Similar to Alfred for Mac.
software  Windows  launcher  utilities  favorite  faveWinApp 
7 days ago by photomernik
Unicode code converter
Tool for converting all sorts of text representations to and from other types. (Hexadecimal, UTF-8, CSS, JavaScript...)
unicode  conversion  JavaScript  CSS  utilities  tools  development 
8 days ago by hex

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