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Value Delivery KPI
Value Delivery KPI

In order to fully describe a KPI, the following information needs to be considered while constructing the KPIs:

Definition: In a few sentences, describe what is being measured...
measurement  value  Metrics  from notes
2 days ago by rhaley
10 Reasons to Eat More Collagen | Mark's Daily Apple
Great collagen reference post. Why it’s good, how to get it (some good hacks)
collagen  value  proposition  health  wellness  joint  skin  healing  workout  aging  howto  sleep  recovery  reference  hack  frugality 
6 days ago by csrollyson
Primal Guide to Olive Oil: Why and When to Use It | Mark's Daily Apple
Useful post on #olive #oil for health benefits: #research studies and #recipes #paleo food
olive  oil  food  primal  paleo  cooking  recipe  Research  health  value  proposition  comparison  nutrition  Q3  2019 
10 days ago by csrollyson
The agile technical writer | ffeathers
Brilliant info + humor: "Day in the life" of an #agile (also #lean #scrum) #technical #writer is a refreshing take on how #software development teams (+ writers) are evolving
agile  lean  scrum  technical  writer  journal  humor  global  software  product  development  team  developer  value  proposition  bullsi  csr19 
10 days ago by csrollyson
How the 0.001% invest
transformed as billionaires get richer and cut out the middlemen by
creating their own “family offices”, personal investment firms that roam
global markets looking for opportunities. Largely unnoticed, family offices
have become a force in investing, with up to $4trn of assets—more than
hedge  funds  and  equivalent  to  6%  of  the  value  of  the  world’s  stockmarkets. 
11 days ago by apexmoney
Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity - PlanB - Medium
Bitcoin is the first scarce digital object the world has ever seen. In this article I quantify scarcity using stock-to-flow, and use stock-to-flow to model bitcoin’s value.
bitcoin  value  scarcity  analysis  gold  compare  charts  mt  theory  visualization 
11 days ago by orlin

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