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tinsel town food court reviews tumblr
this is extremely my shit

review of every restaurant in the international village food court
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yesterday by VaguelySteamy
Raw photographs of 1970s Vancouver "before the money arrived"
Greg Girard, a Canadian photographer whose work has heavily focused on the social and physical transformation of some of the world’s largest cities, took to Vancouver between 1972 and 1982 “before the money arrived”.

What was predominantly a working-class port city with cheap motels and greasy restaraunts in the shadow of the bright neon lights, Girard arrived to picture the scene.
greggirard  vancouver  photography 
6 days ago by kch
City of Surrey aims to share in transit land lift values - Real Estate | Business in Vancouver
Patrick Klassen, Surrey’s manager of community planning, warned developers that the city will be seeking a 50% to 75% share of any lift in land value related to transit corridor zoning. The final fees will not be decided until early next year, he said, after the land-use plan is released
vancouver  housing  LVC  density  transportation 
7 days ago by badeconomist
Pamela Anderson is... at Save on Meats today?
Vancouver  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by louderthan10

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