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Soy Glazed Eggplant - Budget Bytes
Oooh this looks like a great use for sriracha mayo! Need to buy an eggplant and fresh ginger (and green onions if not already in fridge).
recipe  entree  pseudoasian  eggplant  vegetarian  rice 
9 hours ago by bobrhyn
Mediterranean Farro Salad with Spiced Chickpeas - Budget Bytes
File under "pretty good". Buy a cucumber and tomato, and otherwise just couscous/rice, a can of chickpeas, and spices. I think I put too much tahini in my dressing, and next time I'll cut the cucumber a lot smaller.
recipe  entree  havecooked  healthy  3noms  mediterraneanfood  rice  vegetarian  weeknight  bowls 
9 hours ago by bobrhyn
Smoky White Bean Shakshuka - Budget Bytes
Ooooh, she bulked hers up with beans! Beth, you brilliant so-and-so.
recipe  breakfast  eggs  vegetarian  beans  healthy  cheap 
yesterday by bobrhyn
Perfect Day Vegan Ice Cream
The day when delicious dairy goodness is something everyone can love. The day we say goodbye to the downsides of factory farming. The day we throw a big party with luscious, animal-free milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, all made with Perfect Day.
vegan  dessert  food  vegetarian  icecream 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour - Ratatouille
all the peeling of veg and cooking separately is a total pain, the end result was very tasty though. in the version from the book the courgette and peppers went in last (30 mins) rather than the aubergine, which was a nice crisp texture and totally obliterated the aubergine.
cooked  vegetarian  vegan  ratatouille  courgette  aubergine  peppers  french 
2 days ago by noii

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