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Versioning Limitations in .NET
The diamond dependency problem is not new to .NET, and most of the time we manage to ignore it – but it’s still real, and is likely to become more of an issue over time.
dot-net  versioning 
8 days ago by talles
How to Version Your Docker Images - Better Programming - Medium
While there are probably a thousand ways to version your Docker images, I am going to show you a very simple way, using methods that have become quite common. It will ensure your image’s versions…
docker  versioning 
18 days ago by jwalsh
.NET Standard | Microsoft Docs
Learn about .NET Standard, its versions and the .NET implementations that support it.
dotnet  versioning  dotnetcore 
26 days ago by clehene
What's Wrong With The Docker :latest Tag? ·
Frequent issues and misconceptions around Docker's most used image tag.
docker  build  versioning  configuration-management 
26 days ago by clehene

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