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«Microscheme, or (ms) for short, is a functional programming language for the Arduino, and for Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontrollers in general. Microscheme is a subset of Scheme, in the sense that every valid (ms) program is also a valid Scheme program (with the exception of Arduino hardware-specific primitives). The (ms) compiler performs function inlining, and features an aggressive tree-shaker, eliminating unused top-level definitions. Microscheme has a robust FFI (Foreign Function Interface) meaning that C code may be invoked directly from (ms) programs. Therefore, the power of the existing wealth of Arduino libraries is available within Microscheme.»
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15 days ago by brennen
anti-fascist-mit-license/LICENSE at master · Laurelai/anti-fascist-mit-license
Leaving aside whether I think this is a good idea, it seems frankly pretty much doomed to failure.
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26 days ago by brennen
Sphingidae - Wikipedia
«Some hawk moths, such as the hummingbird hawk-moth or the white-lined sphinx, hover in midair while they feed on nectar from flowers, so are sometimes mistaken for hummingbirds. This hovering capability is only known to have evolved four times in nectar feeders: in hummingbirds, certain bats, hoverflies, and these sphingids (an example of convergent evolution). Sphingids have been much studied for their flying ability, especially their ability to move rapidly from side to side while hovering, called "swing-hovering" or "side-slipping". This is thought to have evolved to deal with ambush predators that lie in wait in flowers.»
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27 days ago by brennen
Harold Lasswell - Wikipedia
«Lasswell studied at the University of Chicago in the 1920s, and was highly influenced by the pragmatism taught there, especially as propounded by John Dewey and George Herbert Mead. However, more influential on him was Freudian philosophy, which informed much of his analysis of propaganda and communication in general. During World War II, Lasswell held the position of Chief of the Experimental Division for the Study of War Time Communications at the Library of Congress. He analyzed Nazi propaganda films to identify mechanisms of persuasion used to secure the acquiescence and support of the German populace for Hitler and his wartime atrocities. Always forward-looking, late in his life, Lasswell experimented with questions concerning astropolitics, the political consequences of colonization of other planets, and the "machinehood of humanity".»
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7 weeks ago by brennen
Tartan Details - Debian - The Scottish Register of Tartans
«This is the tartan of The Debian Project: an association of individuals who work together to create a free operating system that is called Debian GNU/Linux, or simply Debian for short. In 2007 Debian held its eighth annual gathering of developers from all over the world in Edinburgh, and the tartan was designed to celebrate that fact. The colours are references to various logos: Reds for the Debian swirl, Blue for Captain Blue-Eyes (the old Debian logo), and Yellow, Black & White for Tux, the Linux logo. If the image is rotated 180 degrees, the White can be seen to be arranged so as to spell out DEBIAN in Morse code (with a correct 1:3 ratio for dots to dashes, and for the pauses in and between letters).»
tartans  design  debian  clothing  textiles  for-toni  via-mastodon 
7 weeks ago by brennen
Per-project Postgres
«So I worked out how to set up a Postgres database that’s almost as convenient as SQLite. (I’ve used this same approach for Elasticsearch as well; doing the same for MySQL or other databases is left as an exercise for the reader.)»
postgres  warelogging  configuration  direnv  sqlite  howto  nix  via-mastodon 
7 weeks ago by brennen

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