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Microsoft gives Virtual Earth and Live Maps a major overhaul
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Microsoft has rolled out a major update to its web-based Windows Live Maps and it desktop Virtual Earth applications. Here are just a few of the new features:

Improved 3D cities with higher resolution textures, rendered trees, and thousands of additional buildings. This feature is only available in a handful of cities for now, but more are coming soon
Export Collections to GPS devices in KML, GPX, and GeoRSS formats
Improved modeler for adding your own buildings
Labels added to Birds Eye imagery, letting you figure out what buildings or landmarks you're looking at
1-Click Directions maps can now be edited to add hotspots and popups
MapCruncher integration
Subscribe to RSS feeds for any neighborhood to keep up to date on activities in that area
High definition videos in Tours
Improved display of web-based KML files, including Google maps links.

This release comes a day after Microsoft added ClearFlow technology which helps you choose driving directions based on traffic predictions.Read | Permalink | Email this | Comments
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april 2008 by cardinale
Technology News World » HOTE - In the U.K
See-ming Lee SML posted a photo:. Microsoft Virtual Earth - 3DVIA (Technology Preview) Setup. Microsoft Virtual EartH - 3DVIA (Technology Preview) Setup. Sprint-branded phones in an undated ...
See-ming-Lee  Google.Alerts  technology  microsoft  virtual-earth  3dvia 
november 2007 by seeminglee
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Google EarthとMSのVirtual Earthの画面写真比較がある。Virtual Earchは実写画像と比較する気になる
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november 2006 by pillow
MSR MapCruncher
ave you ever looked at satellite photos of a building in Virtual Earth -- and wished you could zoom right in and see its floorplan? Have you ever used VE to plan a trip across town -- and wanted to seamlessly switch from its road maps to maps of bicycle t
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may 2006 by willi

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