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The Omusinga (king of Rwenzururu) Charles Wesley Mumbere and the leader of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) Jamil...
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january 2017 by Digitaldjeli
For journalists who write that & gorilla's are "deep in the heart of Congo" here is a map by
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july 2016 by bperrier
‘Virunga’ is an important film, even if it lacks perspectives from local stakeholders
Virunga does evoke the need for “Western action”, and taps into an audience, which feels reaffirmed in their core beliefs when it views Congolese as lacking agency in the realm of conflict, and exploitation. Congolese history has never been defined by “lack of oversight” as Virunga describes, or by “isolation” as a recent “article” by Owen Jones described. The DRC has a history of overlapping international, regional, and personal strategic interests, which must be understood in order to make the “awareness”, which the movie is attempting to evoke, meaningful. Narratives and imagery are important, as they might just fuel the never-ending motor of the white-savior-industrial-complex.

Despite my criticisms, I’d still recommend the film as it is important to expose the complicated history of the eastern DRC internationally.
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april 2015 by tobi_s
The Official Website of Virunga National Park - The Virunga Alliance
"Born of a Congolese commitment to the protection of Virunga National Park, the Virunga Alliance aims to foster peace and prosperity through the responsible economic development of natural resources for four million people who live within a day’s walk of the park’s borders.

A minimum of 30% of the park’s revenues is invested in community development projects. These projects are defined by the community and are based on the principle of free and informed consultation with civil society groups.

Virunga Alliance is the intersection of civil society, private sector and state institutions working together toward sustainable development goals in eastern Congo. Virunga Alliance will deliver large-scale opportunities to tens of thousands of Congolese men and women who are ready to rebuild the region and redefine the country’s future.

We propose a three-phase approach and identify four main sectors for development, including Energy, Tourism, Agro-Industry, Sustainable Fisheries, and Infrastructure."
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january 2015 by robertogreco
Twitter / WWFSverige: TACK alla 750 000 som skrivit ...
TACK alla 750 000 som skrivit under vårt upprop för – bergsgorillornas hem. Protesterna har gett resultat!
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