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Our uniquely flexible people sensors allow for simple setup in just a few minutes. With outstanding 3D image quality, excellent low-light sensitivity and very low latency, the new generation of HELLA Aglaia People Sensors are the ideal platform for a wide range of predictive solutions that go far beyond counting.
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2 days ago by tamberg
STEINEL Professional HPD2 KNX |
Detects persons in 5 individually adjustable zones! As the world's only optical sensor of its kind, it detects and counts people sitting and standing in up to five precisely definable detection zones. 110° angle of coverage with a reach of up to 10 m from a maximum mounting height of 6 m. Integrated, state-of-the-art imaging compares 150,000 positive images and 7 million negative images in real time. Ideal for managing meeting rooms, because it identifies actual room use, or for detecting unused office workstations for flexible desk management. KNX interface with temperature and humidity measurement, available from STEINEL Systems partners.
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2 days ago by tamberg
Introducing BodyPix: Real-time Person Segmentation in the Browser with TensorFlow.js
What exactly is person segmentation? In computer vision, image segmentation refers to the technique of grouping pixels in an image into semantic areas typically to locate objects and boundaries. The BodyPix model is trained to do this for a person and twenty-four body parts (parts such as the left hand, front right lower leg, or back torso). In other words, BodyPix can classify the pixels of an image into two categories: 1) pixels that represent a person and 2) pixels that represent background. It can further classify pixels representing a person into any one of twenty-four body parts.
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5 days ago by tamberg

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