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EnChroma glasses won’t fix your color blindness | Ars Technica
The much-touted EnChroma glasses don't help color-blind users see new colors, a new study says; they merely enable people to see the same colors in a different way. UW Medicine color-vision expert Jay Neitz is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Eye  vision  color.blindness 
12 days ago by UWMedicine
How To Avoid Solving The Wrong Problems Really Well
It’s amazing how many times we’re asked to solve the wrong problem. We get given a challenge that isn’t really the challenge. We get asked to fix the effect and not the cause. Avoiding this issue…
visualthinking  strategy  vision  leadership  edd703 
12 days ago by bonni208
PixFood - Take a Photo! Get Tasty Recipes!
Commercializing NotHotdog to be a recipe recommender based on viewable ingredients (type and size/quantity estimation?)
iPhone  iOS  android  app  software  computer  machine  vision  recipe  recommendation 
13 days ago by asteroza
1984+6 | MetaFilter
1990 was a 1970s television series depicting a then future UK under dystopian state control following an economic collapse.
tv  television  future  media  vision  economy  economics 
17 days ago by msszczep
Our vision – The ODI
Data is moving from being scarce and difficult to process to being abundant and easy to use.

But harnessing its value for economic and social benefit – in ways that support innovation and deliver social justice – is hard. We envision a future where people, organisations and communities use data to make better decisions, more quickly.

This will help our economies and societies to thrive. Using data can enable us to innovate, create more efficient and effective services and products, and fuel economic growth and productivity. In this future, people can trust organisations to manage data ethically and for the benefits to be distributed fairly. Services that use data meet the needs of individuals, communities and societies. To bring about this future, we must make data as open as possible while protecting people’s privacy, commercial confidentiality and national security. We need to find the right balance for all societies and economies to feel the positive impacts data can bring
17 days ago by tinley
SimpleCV is an open source framework for building computer vision applications. With it, you get access to several high-powered computer vision libraries such as OpenCV – without having to first learn about bit depths, file formats, color spaces, buffer management, eigenvalues, or matrix versus bitmap storage. This is computer vision made easy.
opencv  python  computer  vision  cv 
17 days ago by hellsten
The best price on your contacts.
With free shipping, no hidden fees and awesome service.
contacts  medical  health  eye  vision 
19 days ago by tmarkiewicz

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