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Windows Vista: Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs
The problem with the Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs school of thought is that it doesn't work. All those earnest warning dialogs eventually blend together into a giant "click here to get work done" button that nobody bothers to read any more. The operating system cries wolf so much that when a real wolf-- in the form of a virus or malware-- rolls around, you'll mindlessly allow it access to whatever it wants, just out of habit.
vista  uac  security  badux  annoyance 
october 2019 by kme
macOS 10.15 Vista –
(A screen full of permissions dialogs.)

“I completely realize and wholeheartedly own-up to the fact that I’m a geek and a Mac power user above and beyond what normal muggles will ever experience, nonetheless, this is the first-run experience I was greeted to this afternoon after upgrading to Catalina.”
mac  macos  osx  catalina  10.15  vista  tyler  2019 
october 2019 by handcoding

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