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How humans can echolocate like bats | Popular Science
인간도 후천적으로 음파탐지 기술을 습득할 수 있다, Popular Science
- 와 이번 주 가장 충격적인 기사다. 맹인은 훈련을 통해 소리를 애용해 사물의 위치를 파악할 수 있다고
- 입 속의 혀를 튕겨 소리를 내고, 그 소리가 다시 반사되어 돌아오는 시간차를 파악할 수 있다고 한다.
- 과학자들의 조사에 따르면, 온전한 시력을 가진 사람의 시각 이미지를 처리하는 뇌의 부분이 맹인들에게는 음파탐지의 역할을 한다고.
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1 hour ago by yun
Bonsai: a visual language for making interactive software systems
A visual language designed for making software systems that require rich and rapid interaction with the external world. The core philosophy behind Bonsai is to embrace the natural constraints of the problem—heterogeneous devices and asynchronous computation—and provide development tools and languages that make it easier to put together interactive systems.
visual  bonsai  interactive  programming  heterogeneous  development  ide 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
сигма — Лев Манович, Джереми Дуглас, Тара Цепель. Как сравнить между
Статья посвящена цифровому подходу к анализу специфических свойств изобразительности в глобальном масштабе
visual  virtual 
3 days ago by olgashel
Generating Lambda Functions via Visual, Block-Based Coding: Visual Lambdas - SAP Customer Experience Labs
In this blog post, I'll outline some practical research that we've done around Low Code development. More specifically, I'll be introducing visual coding via a Blockly-based editor for generating and deploying JavaScript-based Lambda functions to a Kyma Kubernetes cluster - we call it Visual Lambdas.
visual  block  programming  sap  research  erp  enterprise  business  nocode 
6 days ago by gilberto5757
Fox redesigns NFL graphics for point-your-phone-at-the-TV era
The emphasis on data manifests in the form of a long gray tendril that protrudes from the score box. After each play, it updates the quarterback’s stat line. This is the tendril’s only reason for being. Do not ask more of the tendril.
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7 days ago by briandk

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