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GitHub - ptabriz/FOSS4G_workshop
What if your geospatial data and simulations like flooding, fire-spread and viewshed computations are converted on-the-fly into realistic, interactive and immersive 3D worlds, without the need to deal with overly complicated or proprietary 3D modeling software? In this hands-on workshop we will explore how to automate importing and processing of various types of geospatial data (e.g., rasters, vectors) using Blender, an open-source 3D modeling and game engine software. We will start with a brief and focused introduction into Blender graphical user interface (GUI), Python API, as well as the GIS and Virtual reality addons. Once we import our GIS data into Blender, we will go over the techniques (both with GUI and command line) to increase the realism of our 3D world through applying textures, shading, and lighting. To make our work reusable for different projects, we will automate all importing and processing workflows using Python. Finally, we will show how to publish it online to share it with the world.
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20 hours ago by euler
Data Viz Project | Collection of data visualizations to get inspired and finding the right type.
This is a website trying to present all relevant data visualizations, so you can find the right visualization and get inspiration on how to do it.
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21 hours ago by moebio

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