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Terramonitor is the world's most up-to-date, comprehensive and cloudless map of the globe, which consists of over 100 million images. Terramonitor gives professionals the power to analyze, build and organize geographical information into actionable insights by leveraging up-to-date satellite data and AI.
data  visualization  map  geolocation 
1 hour ago by vesan
Toward an exploratory medium for mathematics
Demonstration / video of an interactive environment for exploring mathematical concepts. Draws on a notion of semi-concrete reasoning to allow for exploring the kind of counter-factuals used in proof by contradiction.
mathematics  visualization  augmenting  intelligence 
12 hours ago by jonmoore
Teaching and Learning Materials for Data Visualization
Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction will begin shipping next week. I’ve written an R package that contains datasets, functions, and a course packet to go along with the book. The socviz package contains about twenty five datasets and a number of utility and convenience functions. The datasets range in size from things with just a few rows (used for purely illustrative purproses) to datasets with over 120,000 observations, for practicing with and exploring.

A course packet is also included the package. This is a zipped file containing an R Studio project consisting of nine R Markdown documents that parallel the chapters in the book. They contain the code for almost all the figures in the book (and a few more besides). There are also some additional support files, to help demonstrate things like reading in your own data locally in R.
book  visualization  r  course 
19 hours ago by jonmoore
Interactive Visualizations for Dynamic and Multivariate Networks.
graphs  networks  time  tools  visualization 
21 hours ago by kintopp
MiniVAN (Visual Analyser of Networks)
Networks are increasingly popular in the social sciences and in the humanities as interfaces for exploratory data analysis. “Visual Networks Analysis” (or VNA) allows scholars to analyse large relational datasets without having to deal with the full complexity of graph mathematics.
graphs  networks  tools  visualization 
21 hours ago by kintopp

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