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yesterday by MicrowebOrg
Alexa, Please Kill Me Now – Alan Cooper – Medium
The biggest conundrum in technology is that it’s harder to tell a computer to do something than it is for the computer to do it. Complex and difficult jobs are fairly easy for digital power to accomplish, but instructing and directing the nuance and intention of that complexity remains an evergreen challenge. Thus the rationale for the entire profession of interaction design.
alexa  ux  voice  VUI  alan  cooper 
yesterday by fjordaan
Audio Editing Software. Sound, Music, Voice & Mp3 Editor
Download sound editing software to edit music, voice, wav, mp3 or other audio files. Free program for PC or Mac. This audio editor has all the audio effects and features a professional sound engineer could need to record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings.
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2 days ago by hypermatt
Cloud9 | Cloud9 Technologies
Cloud9 brings the ease of communicating and connecting via consumer-based apps to the enterprise so traders and trading teams can talk to counterparties instantly. The enterprise-ready application uses the cloud and WebRTC to eliminate proprietary hardware and expensive private lines.
communication  software  voice  financial  ml  USA 
4 days ago by shalmaneser
Roar performer Tom Keifer beats career-ending condition
Having overcome a condition that ends most singing careers, Tom Keifer’s story is a testament to the power of music to motivate and to heal, and it stands as evidence that some people are born to fulfill a specific calling.
Update: Tom Keifer has canceled his Roar on the Shore appearance because of vocal strain. He announced the change around 3:40 p.m. July 13, after this article had published.
Not only will Roar on the Shore concertgoers get an incredible show when Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer steps onto the stage Saturday at 9 p.m., they’ll witness a near miracle.
With hits like “Don’t Know What You Got,” “Gypsy Road,” “Last Mile,” “Coming Home” and “Heartbreak Station,” Cinderella was at the height of its international popularity in 1991 when its creative life-force, Keifer, was struck by vocal cord paresis, a condition that typically ends a professional singing career.
music  hard_rock  voice 
7 days ago by rgl7194

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