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Voice: the long and short of it – Contagious Communications
Already, companies are rushing to create helpful voice apps, to tempt people to spend a little time with their brand in this new channel. But most of these end in failure, or at least obscurity. Even those that do get discovered face poor odds. Voice-shopping service provider Alpine.AI states that there is a just a 6% chance that a person will continue to use a voice app after two weeks.

As smart-speaker technology improves, brands will likely have to think about developing a voice of their own, too.  But will the voice be of the brand itself, or a representative of the brand? What kind of phrases will it use?
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Helping Your Become A for Providing Preferred Answers

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Austin Kleon on Twitter: "I think a lot about how the phone call — hearing the sound of a real human voice — is becoming a more intimate, meaningful option in the face of 24/7 text/image connection…"
"I think a lot about how the phone call — hearing the sound of a real human voice — is becoming a more intimate, meaningful option in the face of 24/7 text/image connection

There’s a really interesting part of @dada_drummer’s THE NEW ANALOG, where he talks about how different phone calls became when they went digital — background noise was reduced, and so the sense of distance

He points out that the iPhone has 3 microphones, but they're not used to capture extra sound, they're for noise-cancelling — they're used to isolate signal from noise [image]

On the iPhone, “*what* is being said is very clear — but *how* the message is delivered is lost. Is the voice loud or soft? Are we being addressed intimately or publicly? Can we hear hints of other meanings in the speaker’s voice, or does the delivery match the words exactly?”

There’s a “cell yell” that @dada_drummer points out: when we're out in the world on the phone, we tend towards shouting — even though we can be clearly heard in a noisy environ thanks to noise cancellation — b/c the phone doesn't feed our voice back to us, so we can’t regulate it

"essay idea: how the rise of podcasts corresponds to the decline of (personal) phone calls for millennials"
[ ]

This is an interesting point. When I do podcast interviews, I have an extremely good USB mic and headphones to monitor my voice, so I can move closer to the mic, speak softer,

Maybe people like podcasts so much because they replicate more of what a real world or analog telephone conversation sounds like? Something to ponder!

Oh, I’m reminded now: @cordjefferson told a beautiful story at @PopUpMag about a voicemail message his mother left him, and how it changed the way he thought about phone calls. (I don’t think it exists online, or I’d link to it.)"
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4 days ago by robertogreco
Jasper | Control everything with your voice
Jasper is an opensource platform for developing always-on, voice-controlled applications. Versions of it will also run on Raspberry Pi.
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Alexa Blueprints
Teach Alexa new skills in minutes - Make party games, household lists, and family stories - just fill in the blanks.
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