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How to Vote Pro-Housing - SF YIMBY - Medium
We will only start to feel the effects of this sloppily-written, counterproductive legislation 5–7 years from now. At that point, we’ll have yet another mess to clean up as landlords squeeze more money out of the rest of us and jobs shift to the suburbs.
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2 hours ago by zethraeus
Time To Vote
Push your employers to adopt this if they’re not already. If you’re the employer, give employees the time!
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yesterday by bdusablon
Don't be intimidated.

Don't be discouraged.

Don't be bullied.

Don't be silent.

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5 days ago by jcoffey42
TODAY is the last day to register to for the March Presidential Primary in Missouri. The website…
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9 days ago by electroponix
The next chapter in American history will be written by you.

You will write it using your .

Ask *all the…
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18 days ago by andriak
All the lies about Leavers
They're nostalgic, they're gullible, and they're scared of diversity — all these myths have been debunked.
brexit  politics  opinion  uk  2020  eu  european  remain  leave  vote  interesting  myth 
20 days ago by markhgn
Come an for us! Vote for !
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21 days ago by alvar
RT : & same day at !

🗳️NC Early Voting: Feb.13 – Feb.29

🗳️Find early voting locatio…
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24 days ago by andriak
Crypto Voting + US Elections: Reality - MIT MEDIA LAB - Medium
This is a two-part project. This part is about reality. The other part is science fiction. Both are about mobile, blockchain, and cryptographically secure voting systems in the context of US elections. (Science Fiction: link) via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  attacks  blockchain  vote  voting 
29 days ago by ChristopherA
Hi guys! The 2020 feast 50 awards are coming up! We are so happy to be on this list! Please go for us.…
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5 weeks ago by electroponix

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