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Staramba Positions Itself for the Future of Virtual Reality | Business Wire
Top story: Staramba Positions Itself for the Future of Virtual Real… , see more
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2 hours ago by LibrariesVal
SkyTechSport | Indoor Ski Training
Real Skiing
In Virtual Reality
cutting-edge technology reproduces the exact sensation of going down the slope
vr  virtualreality  sports  gaming 
5 hours ago by Shoord
Top story: Sansar Official on Twitter: "Can't visit us at the … , see more
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12 hours ago by LibrariesVal
How to enable Windows Mixed Reality joysticks for more SteamVR games
So, Windows Mixed Reality is pretty awesome, but the amount of titles that support the platform natively is pretty slim right now. Thankfully, SteamVR is here to do some of the heavy lifting. But what about games that don't support WMR joysticks?
14 hours ago by davidmerrique
‘If you walk in someone else’s shoes, then you’ve taken their shoes’: empathy machines as appropriation machines
If we want to empathise, we must always question who really ‘benefits’ from our ‘empathy’. But VR empathy machines, especially slick UN-sponsored empathy productions built to milk donations from millionaires at Davos, definitely do not foster any type of critical reflection.

To quote Wendy H. K. Chun’s excellent talk at Weird Reality: if you ‘walk in someone else’s shoes then you’ve taken their shoes’.8 If you won’t believe someone’s pain unless they wrap an expensive 360 video around you, then perhaps you don’t actually care about their pain.

I think empathy machine apologists are lying to themselves. The ‘embodied’ ‘transparent immediacy’ of virtual reality (or much less, 360 video) does not obliterate political divisions. Even a culturally advanced medium like books can barely chip away at the problem, so VR definitely can not. In this political sense, VR can’t actually offer any embodiment, transparency or immediacy to anyone. At best, VR can only offer the illusion of empathy.
NGV  empathy  VR  technology  reflection  illusion-of-empathy  Robert-Yang  2017 
15 hours ago by zzkt
XR.+ | AR & VR on the web
Publish & share 3D models in AR & VR on web browsers
ar  vr  virtual-reality  3Dmodel  platform  sharing 
18 hours ago by gwippich

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