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Turn your images into Code Editor Themes.
PicTheme uses the color palette from images to generate code editor themes on the fly.
Generates themes for Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text. Works with .gif, .png, .jpg, and .tiff images
Notice: Images uploaded to PicTheme are anonymously uploaded to Imgur
vscode  sublimetext  theme 
14 hours ago by awhite
How to use VS Code for your Python projects - Fedora Magazine
The open source Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is available for Fedora -- learn how to set it up as a great development environment for Python!
python  vscode 
2 days ago by twleung
You Should Use VS Code If You're a Python Developer
I've been using Visual Studio Code daily now (for Python development) for about six months — long enough to give it a thorough review. Before, I was using Sublime Text with a few plugins, which worked very well— but, I am continually shocked at just how good VS Code is, in comparison,
python  vscode  programming 
2 days ago by axodys
vscode-journal/docs at master · pajoma/vscode-journal · GitHub
Lightweight journal and simple notes support for Visual Studio Code - pajoma/vscode-journal
journal  vscode 
4 days ago by dirtpupfc

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