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(1) Reggie Bradford - Hi, I hope this post finds you well and enjoying...
ll in all, life is blessed and awesome… just facing my new reality and my new giant: cancer.
I have been debating about whether I share this publicly or keep it private. Ultimately, however, I felt openness is the right action. And I wanted you to hear it directly from me.
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yesterday by bencasnocha
RT : Here Is A Quick Checklist For Securing Mobile App Development - As We All.. […
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8 days ago by ormg
Ms. Williams on Twitter: "Myth 1: There is 1 storytelling form to rule them all (hero's journey, 3-act structure). Myth 2: Story structures can cross borders. #SFS17"
"Myth 1: There is 1 storytelling form to rule them all (hero's journey, 3-act structure). Myth 2: Story structures can cross borders. #SFS17

Installation form of storytelling has really decreased in digital age. Interesting point, bc I'm interning in a museum. #SFS17

Tangent: It's been fascinating to see how the museum is remodeling for the digital age. Installation is still there, but digital.

Hero’s journey is a messianic model: only one person matters. If we adapt our story models, we can change our organizations. #SFS17

Hero's journey is also a very western model. Tangent: this is also a problem with most MFA programs & how POC in them get dismissed. #SFS17

How different might the MFA experience be if story structure were taught as the central African model, circular?

How do you not undermine someone else's maybe very different narrative when sharing your own? #SFS17

Storytelling is a mutual experience. We not only give but receive. If you share vulnerability, that’s what you’ll get in return. #SFS17

"You inspire people who pretend to not even see you."--Anonymous storyteller in the room #SFS17

Important question we also face a lot in CNF: Whose story are you telling and what are their rights? One solution: let them read it. #SFS17

This invites them to subvert the hero's journey, bc as a character, they are part of the story and get to influence it. #SFS17

This is where my passions for creative writing and social justice conflict, bc I will change names all day, but a preview? Nope. #SFS17

But I do like the idea of subverting the hero's journey. 😕😒😏 #SFS17

Doing this exercise now as subversion to hero's journey. It's a where I'm from poem! Repping Georgella Lyon, #KYWriters! #SFS17

I use this with students and it's always dope."
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11 days ago by robertogreco
Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability | TED Talk |
Brené Brown studies human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share. via Pocket
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It is summertime. The season meant for leisurely activities, like grilling shirtless and drinking before “acceptable” times. It’s the season of shorts. via Pocket
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15 days ago by EricScottTaylor
Please... stop writing about how “vulnerable” you are - I Will Teach You To Be Rich
TL;DR - be vulnerable only after you've become excellent

When you define yourself by your vulnerability, you leave little room for success.

If you talk about vulnerability over and over on social media — without balancing it out with your positive thoughts on a topic, or your accomplishments, or some other insight — you attract only people who love talking about failure. Sadly, these people are almost always looking to commiserate, not change. And you never even realize what you’re doing to yourself: creating a self-reinforcing vortex of failures that get reinforced every single time you post them.
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16 days ago by dandv
SoK : Eternal war in memory
il y un diagramme de modélisation d'attaques via vuln mémoire assez complet
vulnerability  memory  diagram 
16 days ago by lucasg
Troy Hunt: Kids Pass Just Reminded Us How Hard Responsible Disclosure Is
Contemplated getting a Kids Pass, but having second thoughts thanks to the gaping security holes in the web site.
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16 days ago by nrturner

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