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Spotify – WXAXRXP
Spotify user Robert Bernardin has put together a playlist of selected tracks from Warp's WXAXRXP Sessions release, which itself marks numerous radio appearances from Warp artists over the years as part of the label's 30th anniversary goings-on.
music  warp  spotify  playlist 
9 days ago by jamesholloway
The Technical Challenges of Building Cloudflare WARP
So they needed client connection tracking, so ended using 3 bytes in the wireguard header that were not used currently (but reserved?)
wireguard  cloudflare  warp  VPN  client  connection  tracking  load  balancer 
22 days ago by asteroza
WARP is here (sorry it took so long)
Hrm, so apparently they had trouble setting up their bespoke Wireguard VPN when users were on crappy connections. Which might be an indictment against Wireguard...
cloudflare  VPN  warp  wireguard  service 
22 days ago by asteroza
Warp at 30
Big-deal electronic music label is celebrating 30 years
music  warp  bleep  autechre  aphextwin  tootme 
june 2019 by nelson
The 10 Best Warp Albums, according to Plaid | Dummy Mag
Now approaching its 30th anniversary, Warp Records is the label that should need zero introduction. Ed Handley and Andy Turner, aka Plaid, have been some of the imprint’s most solid mainstays, since departing from The Black Dog trio in the ’90s. via Pocket
plaid  warp  music  albums  idm  electronica  pocket 
june 2019 by jburkunk
warp/ at master · seanmonstar/warp
A super-easy, composable, web server framework for warp speeds. - seanmonstar/warp
rust  warp  server 
april 2019 by jasikpark

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