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Understanding Your HVAC Warranty
How well do you understand your HVAC warranty? Knowing the ins and outs will help you in the long run.
hvac  warranty  hvac-warranty 
25 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Importance of an HVAC Warranty
While an excellent appliance is a must, so is an understanding of its warranties.
warranty  hvac  appliance-warranties 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
36C3 - The sustainability of safety, security and privacy - YouTube
"Vehicle lifetimes in Europe have about doubled in 40 years
Average age at scrappage in UK now 14.8y
Some vehicle makers wanted to say "scrap it after 6 years and buy a new one!"
But the embedded CO2 cost of a car often exceeds its lifetime fuel burn
And what about Africa, where most vehicles are imported second-hand?"
36c3  ccc  sustainability  smart  car  co2  emissions  security  patching  safety  warranty 
7 weeks ago by gohai
GetDellWarranty From TechDirect for GScript/Google Sheets
GetDellWarranty From TechDirect for GScript/Google Sheets
dell  warranty  google  api 
november 2019 by mbraly
Dell API: Warranty Information
# Quick script to check your Dell asset's warranty status
# Just drop your service tag as parameters for the script and go.
dell  api  warranty  service  python 
november 2019 by mbraly
Invalid Squaretrade Warranty: False Advertising an... - The eBay Community
Two months later and my phone broke. I contacted VAC Service Co. (the company that handles warranties for Squaretrade) to get it warrantied, and they told me they could not honor the warranty because it is a phone not intended for use in the US Market. I contacted Squaretrade and they offered to refund me my money for the warranty. I asked them why they sold me a warranty that could never be honored and they said they made a mistake and would refund my money. But the point is that they are false advertising and misrepresenting their product.
squaretrade  warranty  greymarket 
november 2019 by bwiese
Mission Impossible: How To Service Or Repair A Grey Market Nikon D750
Here’s the deal with “Grey Market” if you’re a Nikon shooter; Unlike Canon, who will service a grey product if you are willing to pay them, Nikon USA will refuse to even touch a grey item, even if you wave cash in your hands and beg them to take it from you.

However, here’s what isn’t talked about very much: “Nikon USA” has just two (?) official service centers; one (near me) in Los Angeles, and one on the East Coast. There are third-party repair shops all around the country. In fact, there’s more than one within driving distance of where I live!
warranty  greymarket 
november 2019 by bwiese
What if the manufacturer does not honor their warranty? | SquareTrade
What if the manufacturer does not honor their warranty?

Unfortunately, some manufacturers will void their product warranties for items purchased on auction sites like eBay or other online stores claiming that they are "grey market" - or sold by an unauthorized dealer.

Fortunately, SquareTrade honors every valid claim, and only voids a warranty if the item was never eligible for a Care Plan or in cases of outright fraud. If the manufacturer voids their warranty, we'll do everything possible to resolve your situation quickly and professionally.

Please note: in cases where the manufacturer's warranty has been voided, we will consider the item as a "used" product, and the item is governed by the terms of coverage for used items.
squaretrade  warranty 
november 2019 by bwiese
Renewal by Andersen Window Reviews - Get the real info
For example, you can now get real wood windows from Jeld-Wen with a lifetime warranty on the frames that covered rot or termites or any damage.  That’s pretty strong, the warranty on the Renewal windows is better than it was, but in line with what other companies offer.
window  replacement  Andersen  renewal  jeld-wen  warranty  wood 
october 2019 by outkast

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