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How Is React Different from Vue?
Recently I published an article about the usage of top front end JavaScript frameworks. The two things that stood out were the dominance of React and the explosive growth of Vue. If current trends continue, it seems likely that by this time next year, Vue will have overtaken Angular as the second most used library or framework
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8 hours ago by backspaces
[Words and Code] Safer SQL: Using ActiveRecord Transactions
There’s one golden rule of the transaction block: it will only rollback the transaction if an error is raised. Why is this important? Well, calling something like save or destroy inside of a transaction will not raise an error; if something goes wrong, these methods will simply return false. Which means that our transaction block will continue, since there was no error raised!
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8 hours ago by jslu
Photopea | edit Photoshop files online
Free online photo editor. Open and edit PSD, XCF, sketch - Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch files. Apply photo effects and filters. Convert between PSD, Sketch and other formats. A perfect alternative to Photoshop or Gimp.
photoshop  images  webapp 
10 hours ago by natelandau
Program that allows you to print out code
print  code  service  webapp  tool 
14 hours ago by fffact
Create short links for accessing hard to remember URLs. Possible to use with teams too.
webapp  work 
3 days ago by cmagnuson
Create go/ short links. Possible to use with a team.
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3 days ago by cmagnuson
Customer Messaging Platform | Intercom
The message chat system that Timely and Detour and Descript use
webapp  marketing  support 
4 days ago by jeremiahmoore

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